Reformed Bagel Fanatic

I used to eat a bagel every single day for breakfast. I never realized what a terrible idea that was. I didn’t know a whole lot about nutrition at the time. I was wondering why I’d feel sluggish in the morning. I thought I would feel good after eating breakfast, regardless of what it was. As it turns out, I was wrong.

The consistent simple carbohydrates were taking a major toll on me. They were keeping me from losing weight and feeling my best. At that time I didn’t know enough about the effects of simple carbohydrates like white flour and sugar. Once I educated myself on this, I realized I needed to make a really big change.

I didn’t hold out much hope for finding a comparable alternative to my precious bagels, but I decided to scour the internet anyway. I was surprised to find that I could make cauliflower bagels! I knew cauliflower was versatile and could be made into rice or pizza crust but it never once crossed my mind that I could make bagels out of it. It definitely does make sense.

It looked like I was going to need to get really good at making cauliflower rice as the base for the bagels. The best way to do that was with a food processor so I got out my Cuisinart food processor and checked to make sure I had everything I needed. I hadn’t used it in quite a while so I went on to KitchenWorksInc. to order some new parts. They sell  Cuisinart DFP 14 parts that are authentic, not knockoffs. I ordered new chopping blades and a new work bowl.

When everything arrived, I got to work on my new discovery. I had never made cauliflower rice before, so it was all brand new to me. My bagels didn’t turn out so great to begin with. I finally realized the secret to getting them perfect was to make sure I absorbed all the excess moisture in the cauliflower before baking them. There’s a lot of moisture in them, so at first getting it all out is a challenge until you get the hang of it.

Now, instead of filling myself up on carb loaded bagels, I’m eating a cauliflower bagel instead. I feel a lot better and I’ve even shed a few pounds. I’m also getting a serving of veggies in, so that’s a major plus! The best part is that I don’t crave the regular bagels anymore. I first thought this wouldn’t be a substitute that I enjoyed, but I was so wrong. I’m really glad about that. Thank goodness for my Cuisinart food processor for getting me back on track with my health.