Redeveloping High-Density Living With High-Rise Buildings

High-urban density is a prevalent theme in today’s living. Not only do other countries face it, but it’s also a recurring subject matter even in developing countries, such as the Philippines. With real estate and land developers in the Philippines, the subject of high-density living will fall into an innovative restructuring with infrastructure solely providing efficient residential space. One perfect example of this would be Hong Kong’s high-rising towers despite the constraints in having buildable lands.

The High-Density Urban Sprawl

It is true that intensive urban growth can lead to an increasing level of poverty. The local agencies can not provide adequate services to accommodate the growing number of people living in a single area. Energy uses are much more concentrated than ever before, leaving a higher pollution increase. The pollution level also carries an impact on human health, and lead levels from automobile exhaust are also peaking.

The high urban living or the intense urbanisation, as we see, also harbours a problem. The effect of real estate in the urban setting is magnified in accordance with the scale of urbanisation. We see a number of local real estate developers in the Philippines providing greener and cost-efficient renting solutions for housing problems. Land development is, after all, an integral component of economic growth.

Land Sharing In High-Density Urban Setting

One of the most concerning concerns in a high-density urban setting is resettlement. The local problem of resettlement stems from the shared land by both public and private occupied by squatters. However, the land will be redeveloped over the existing development. It works through resettling residential housing and provides additional ecosystem services. Most buildings are dispersed with greener spaces in land sharing.

Apart from rehousing squatters, land sharing opens up for a more efficient vertical development through real estate and land developers in existing dense residences. The densification approach is based on granting low-density residential uses while opening new development for different parts of the land. All at the same time benefits both the residents and the landowners.

The residents can benefit through resettlement or gaining access to high-rising houses. On the other hand, the landowner can release parts of the land for lucrative real estate projects. The residents pay for the portion of the infrastructure to cover the expense of the development.

High-Rise Living – The Advantages of Living In A High-Rise Building


Condo or real estate developers and land development projects give way to erect high-rise buildings. It is known to appeal to other residentials with its more budget-friendly option than independent housing. High-rise establishments do provide some additional benefits amidst the densification of urban living.

Access luxury

With luxury condo developers aiming for higher-end skyscraper condos, many still seek the pleasure of accessing luxury. Raised apartments have their own amenities. In fact, the image of condos and high-rising apartments is often associated with luxury, especially with the image seen in places like Delhi and Dubai. Without a doubt, high-rise apartments can meet the needs of residents seeking luxury, even at an affordable rate, without spending cash for new housing.

Scenic view

In large cities where the ground level is covered by traffic jams and crowded people, some residents demand a different view from their homes. Would it be refreshing to see the full view of the sky? The fresh wind of air that is away from the bustling city vehicles that emit smoke is another experience that many homeowners lust after. A picturesque view of the city and other surrounding landscapes from your balcony can bring a peaceful sensation that many sought amidst the busy and stressful urban living.

Better safety and privacy

Land and real estate developers are primarily concerned about providing a safe living environment for tenants and residents of high-rise condos/ apartments. These infrastructures are committed to be equipped with the latest security systems and features to enhance privacy and maintain safety at all times, from bottom to top. Many homeowners often have to deal with worrying about forced intrusions and burglaries. On the other hand, high-rise buildings invest in CCTV cameras that can help deter potential criminal activities.

Additional amenities

Many land and luxury condo developers are aware of the most-wanted amenities that can improve the quality of life and deliver satisfaction among residents. Thus, rooftop amenities become a possibility. From having a stunning rooftop terrace to swimming pools and gym facilities for residents, plenty of condos offer these types of amenities. Even economical ones are reluctant to make any compromises since they are the deal-maker for residential prospects.

Less pollution exposure

If you are living away from the ground floor and have the advantage of height, living in high-rise condos/apartments offers less exposure to pollution. Residents would not have to worry about the constant city noise and the plumes of endless smoke from the car exhaust. Some land developers even provide acoustic protection to maintain a quiet and noise-free environment for residents or tenants.

Better ventilation

It just doesn’t get any better when you’re gazing at the morning blue sky or the starlit horizon at night with the fresh air. Living in a high-rise building takes off the topmost concern of some homeowners where ventilation becomes a problem, especially if you’re living on the ground level. The air doesn’t seem to be enough, especially during the summer season.

Final Thoughts

High-rise buildings can answer the most concern about urban sprawl. It provides a compact but sustainable, efficient, and quality living for most city dwellers. High-rise condos and buildings are the next future for residential living, and it’s more than just the dreams of land developers.

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