Questions to Ask When Accepting CDL A Trucking Jobs

If you have an offer for one of the many CDL A trucking jobs available, then there are some questions you want to ask to make sure the job matches your expectations.

What is your home time policy? Long haul drivers will put in a lot of time on the road. If a company promises you one day off a week, clarify how it will define a day.

What are your major lanes? Learn what typical distances, regions, and routes your employer wants you to travel. A driver who lives in a remote area could be better off choosing a company with a nearby terminal location for maintenance and truck fueling, instead of going with a higher paying company with terminals that aren’t close to home.

What type of equipment will you have? For long haul drives, you want to be comfortable. Ask what equipment you will get and what it will include. Will there be a sleeper on the truck? Since you will be spending a lot of time on the road, make sure you can live with the equipment available.

Do you give layover pay? A layover is a delay or wait a trucker will experience between scheduled loads. A driver usually should expect to get this pay for any wait times that are outside of his or her control.

Do you slip seat? If you take time off, then you may have to slip seat your assigned truckload and truck to a different driver. If you don’t want to share your truck, then you will want to look for an employer with a no slip seat policy.

How much do you pay? Remember that demand for truck drivers is strong and there are many CDL A trucking jobs. Don’t let a company shortchange you. It’s best to evaluate the pay offered in terms of cents per mile.

What are the benefits? Pay and benefits are closely linked, so you will need to consider both. Some companies offer full dental, medical, and short-term disability coverage. If you have less coverage, then you will want more cents per mile for your pay.

Do you pay for lumpers? Lumpers are loaders for hire at a warehouse. A carrier could pay you to load or unload, or let you pay a lumper to do it.

Do you offer bonuses? Certain companies will offer bonuses for performance and a good driving record. Some companies will also offer sign up bonuses, so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Will you get a dedicated driver manager? A driver manager can be helpful if you are just starting out as a driver. A direct manager can create a good relationship with the company and help your promotion chances as you get any issues resolved quickly.