How to Select the Best Floor Mat for Your Vehicle

Purchasing a car can be one of the most expensive investments in a person’s life. Wouldn’t you want to preserve that investment so that it stays in top notch condition?

Try to think back to how many miles or how many times you have stepped foot in your vehicle – it may not be possible to keep track at this point. However, there is no doubt that wherever we go, we also bring in sand, dirt, and mud into our vehicles. No matter how cautious we may be, it is inevitable that we trek in some of these outdoor soils. If you have a Jeep, Lloyd’s offers Jeep floor mats that can assist in keeping your Jeep clean.

Here are some tips on selecting the correct floor mat for your vehicle:

  1. Get a mat that is custom fit. Every make and model are different so you will want to select one that fits as snug as possible. This will ensure that soil coming into your vehicle stays out off the floor as much as possible. Lloyd’s Jeep floor mats are custom fit and designed for your specific model, in order to provide the greatest degree of protection for your floors.
  2. Choose a car mat made of a durable fiber. You don’t want a mat that will wear down or fail to absorb spills. Look for mats made of premium nylon yarn that is water resistant, which is extremely durable for any climate – from the sandy beaches on the West Coast to the snowy winters on the East Coast.
  3. Look at the back of the mat. Is your mat skid resistant and does it have anchors to keep it firmly on your car floor? If not, your mat may slide, and this could pose a safety concern. Even though no one will see the back of your mat, the bottom of the mat is a critical component.

If you choose to buy a reliable vehicle like a Jeep, Lloyd’s Jeep floor mats can be a huge assistance in keeping your purchase clean. Our mats are made durable nylon that is moisture resistant and ready to take on any weather. Lloyd’s multi-layer backing provides moisture resistance, stiffness and stability along with the final layer of non-skid TractionBac™ to help keep mats in place.

Lloyd’s custom fit All Weather Jeep mats are available in three materials and thirteen colors. This means no more settling for black, grey and tan mats. The mats are also under a three-year warranty so that your vehicle can stay protected and stylish – guaranteed.