Neon Lights Shine Bright

Some of the most famous attractions in the world are lit by neon. Think of the Las Vegas Strip, the lights of Broadway in Nashville, Times Square, or Piccadilly Circus in London. There’s a reason neon lights shine so bright around the world. Neon gas gives off a gorgeous orange hue. Neon lights are actually filled with different gases, depending upon the color desired. For example, hydrogen is red, helium is yellow, mercury is blue, and carbon dioxide is white. Gases are mixed to produce a rainbow of colors. Why are neon signs so popular? Well, the beautiful and dramatic colors mentioned above are one big reason. Neon signs remain some of the best advertising tools in the world today, more than a century after their invention. They became popular during the Roaring Twenties, and they still are.

Original Custom Neon Designs

Glass tubes filled with neon can be curved and formed into any desired shape and created to shine with any color of the rainbow. Custom neon signage can be designed to say just about anything. The sky is the limit. Many proprietors have begun with the typical “Open” and “Closed” signs and found the art genre irresistible. A newspaper or television ad promotes products but is gone in a flash. Neon keeps shining for years, lighting the pathway to products and services. In private households, there’s been a resurgence in custom-design neon art.

Reasons Neon Signs are so Popular

  • Beautiful: They are extremely attractive.
  • Versatile: They can be molded into any design or shape you desire. Many companies use them to highlight stock items or the company logo.
  • They Light up the Night: The bright neon colors attract attention, especially at night.
  • Durable: Neon designs shine for years.
  • Economical: Even though they are eye-catching, bright and beautiful, they are actually more economical to run than other electrical signs!

Endless Possibilities

The best neon light companies stock many varieties of neon signs and create custom designs as well. These can be had at extremely reasonable prices. The truly tremendous advantages of neon (outside of its natural beauty) are the possibilities it allows. They are…almost endless. They range from the company logo to wall art, from simple window border tubing to elaborate scrolling signs, from the thousands of standard business signs and sculptures to the countless possibilities of custom neon design. If you can imagine a design, it can likely be done in neon. The biggest reason neon is so popular is that it allows people to create versatile, individual signage that truly reflects their businesses and personalities. Whether the design desire is for the tried and true, or the innovative and new, neon is the medium that can make it happen.