My Experience with Lipozene and Alli


Most people have dieted at one time or another, and in the process have probably tried a variety of weight loss supplements. Two of the more popular weight loss products are Lipozene and Alli. How do they work and how successful are they? 

As this article states you should not buy Lipozene until you read their review through THP. 


While both Lipozene and Alli help with weight loss, there is a distinct difference. Lipozene is fiber-based while Alli is more of a medication. It has two versions with the prescription version containing 120 mg. of Orlistat, and the over the counter version only contains 60 mg. Also, Alli works on the fat content of the body by essentially blocking approximately 30 percent of the calories in the fat. 

Lipozene vs. Alli

Both Lipozene and Alli can help with the weight loss process, but unless you change your lifestyle, the results will be short-term. The only ingredient in Lipozene is a water-soluble fiber called Glucomannan that works turning into a gel when it reaches the stomach, thus why it is essential to drink at least eight ounces of water with each dose. The gel that forms in the stomach provides a feeling of fullness, so you eat less. 

Alli is classified as a fat-burner and blocks the work of lipase, the enzyme that is responsible for breaking down the fat into smaller pieces in order for the body to store it or use it for energy. When you take Alli with a meal, approximately 30 percent of dietary fat fails to break down and instead, the body eliminates it through the bowels.

Side Effects

While most people can tolerate Lipozene, and it doesn’t have any reported side effects, the same is not true for Alli. The active ingredient in Alli is orlistat and is known to cause gastrointestinal issues that are caused (at least partially) from the undigested fat that go through the digestive system. While the side effects eventually subside, some people may find them unbearable and include:

  • Stomach discomfort or pain
  • Oily rectal discharge
  • Gas that includes oily rectal discharge
  • Increase in bowel movements
  • Urgent or uncontrollable bowel movements
  • Headache
  • Back pain
  • Infection in the upper respiratory system


Which product you choose is your choice, but you should decide based on research. You may not have side effects, but also, you may be one of the people for whom diet products do not work. It is also important to remember once you stop taking the Lipozene or Alli you must maintain a healthy diet and continue exercising.