How dogs can help improve your health

Many people choose to get a dog because they love the idea of having a furry friend in the house who can keep them company. Families also welcome a dog into their home as an energetic playmate for their children. While dogs are good fun to have around, did you also know that they also provide some brilliant health benefits? It’s true! Here are a few great reasons why becoming a dog owner could have some serious health benefits. 

Improve Your Fitness

One of the most obvious benefits for dog owners is that they will be encouraged to do a lot more exercise which will really improve their fitness. After all, you will need to take your dog for at least two walks a day so that they can do their business and be exercised. As long as you are feeding your pooch the best dog food in the UK, then they will have plenty of energy to join you on long walks and even adventurous hikes!

Reduce Stress Levels

Lots of people find that having a dog around the house can be a really calming influence. In fact, pets are now known to be so effective when it comes to helping people relieve stress, that there is now a growing trend for therapy animals. If you spend a few minutes petting your dog, your body will start to release dopamine and serotonin, both of which are natural chemicals that have a very calming influence on the body and mind. They will certainly help you feel a lot more relaxed.

Beat Depression

Did you know that dog owners are less prone to depression and anxiety than other people? This is linked to the above point that pets, especially dogs, can help to reduce an individual’s stress levels and improve their wellbeing. As well as that, owning a dog can help people who live alone stave off loneliness, which can sometimes lead to depression. 

Prevent Household Allergies

Just a couple of decades ago, it was believed that having a dog at home increased children’s risk of developing allergies. However, now there is a lot of research that shows the opposite could be true. Having a pet at home can help reduce the likeliness of a child developing an allergy, sometimes by up to 33%. This research also suggests that living with a dog can help to boost a child’s whole immune system as well.

Support The Elderly

Many care homes are now using animal-based therapies to help their residents with their dementia care. Petting a dog has been shown to prevent any agitated behaviours in those who are suffering from age-related diseases, such as dementia. For old people who still live at home, having a dog around can prevent feelings of loneliness too.

As you can see, there are many great health benefits that come with owning a dog. As long as you are feeding your pup the best dog food and taking them for plenty of walks, then they will also enjoy good health as well!