How do you fix a run-down food processor?

That’s the question I was asking myself a few months ago. I have a small Cuisinart mini prep that has been my main food prep utensil since college. I use it to make dips like hummus or lentil puree. I use it to chop my veggies. I’ve even used it to make bread a few times! And over the years, it’s safe to say my processor has seen better days.

Lately, it seemed like it was time to get a new processor. My blade was dull, and the bowl had a few dings in it (where hummus usually stuck even after washing). But the motor still ran just fine, and I had a hard time forking over cash for a whole new machine when the main mechanism still worked! Instead, I decided to check out eBay for some replacement parts. 

If you haven’t ever looked for kitchen gadgets on eBay, let me be the first to tell you: DON’T. I couldn’t find anything that was priced fairly, and many of the pieces available for sale were in worse shape than my current ones! I was getting pretty frustrated, but then my internet search led me to Kitchen Works Inc. 

The fact that Kitchen Works gets all their replacement parts new from the Cuisinart warehouse was already a good sign. I wasn’t going to wind up with a used piece that had more wear than the one I was replacing, and the Cuisinart food processor part was sure to fit my machine and work properly. I looked through their inventory and was pleased to see that they had parts for my mini prep — but they also have TONS of parts for different food processor models, so I’m sure anyone can find the right part for their machine. 

I ordered a new blade and a new bowl, which cost me far less than buying a new machine. The pieces arrived quickly, and I was able to get them on my stand and use them basically right away! It was so exciting to be able to prepare my meals and snacks for the week just like old times.

Kitchen Works is a great store for anyone who wants to save money and limit overconsumption (because let’s be honest, we all “replace” when we could just “repair.”) The new parts are going to last me a while, and I’m still able to get use out of the original parts that still work fine. I know that the next time I need a new part for my food processor — or even if I need some new kitchen gadgets! Their store seems to have everything from bakeware to silicone oven mitts.

So I guess back to my original question: how do you fix a run-down food processor? You replace the old parts with help from Kitchen Works! I promise you, you will be so happy you did.