High Temperature Molten Splash Protection for Electric Arc Furnace Power Cables

The Problem

At the point when a water cooled power link is utilized in serious situations, for example, driving an EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) in a steel factory there is a huge potential for warmth, blazes, fiery debris or liquid sprinkle to seriously harm the electrical links (or arrangement of links) in this way devastating the dissolving activity. This converts into unscheduled support and lost generation time. In certain cases these expenses have been evaluated as high as $100,000/hr relying upon the size of the activity and generation plans.

The water-cooled heater power links give an adaptable wellspring of capacity to allow development of the anode arms here and there and to permit swinging the cathode arms and rooftop to and fro when charging the heater. The power links comprise of copper wire strands framing a round winding development which are appended to copper terminals at either end of the link. A low temperature elastic coat around the outside of the link enables cooling water to move through the link get together. The elastic hose is connected at either end of the link utilizing hardened steel cinches, vulcanized guards or an enemy of teasing sort hose.

The peril is that liquid metal sprinkle brought about by “wet charges”, or fire impingement, outrageous warmth, and so on will harm an unprotected power link. This can cause a chain response of cataclysmic occasions incorporating misfortune in water cooling bringing about overheating or shorting of the electrical influence links and ending the softening procedure.

Given the enormous measurement of the elastic hoses encompassing the power links and closeness to the EAF, there is a critical landing region for flashes, liquid metal sprinkle, and so forth. In numerous applications the links are left totally unprotected and presented to serious high temperature situations. Now and again the elastic cooling water hose is wrapped with cheap fiberglass tape or sleeve that offer negligible insurance against potential dangers.

The Solution

With an insignificant capital venture, Worbo Inc’s. extreme obligation defensive liquid sprinkle away sleeve might be introduced to fold over new or existing water cooled power links to oppose heat, fire, fiery remains and huge irregular presentation to liquid metal sprinkle. Worbo Inc’s advancement of an exceptionally adaptable, liquid sprinkle safe, effectively introduced and totally non-conductive sleeving arrangement is an ideal fit for this application.

The Technology

Made and planned with 100% Non-Conductive materials explicitly for safe non-arcing use in closeness to AC or DC EAF’s.

The hydrophobic, low surface vitality, non-stick “Sprinkle Away” properties of the thick silicone covering sheds huge irregular yet conceivably dangerous measures of 3000˚F liquid metal sprinkle to help keep up the uprightness of the water cooled power link until the following booked upkeep time frame.

Outfitted with a snare and circle self grasping conclusion, EAF Cable Molten Splash away sleeve is effectively field introduced (or expelled for support) without link disengagement.

High Shear and Peel Hook and circle self holding conclusion is planned explicitly for this application to guarantee conclusion doesn’t separate during extreme “hopping”, “skipping” and “knocking” of links during heater bend and “cold beginnings”.

Mix of Heavy obligation “Sprinkle Away” silicone shield covering on thick high temperature fiberglass substrate protects and guard against discontinuous episodes of liquid metal sprinkle, fire impingement, copying airborne particles and high temperatures.

The Economic Benefits

Contingent upon the application the expense to secure and introduce a high temperature jacketing framework could be as low as $30/ft. In respect to the colossal expenses related with unscheduled upkeep and lost generation time this speak to an immaterial capital speculation that could pay for itself a few times over through the aversion of a solitary unscheduled support occasion.

The Conclusion

Ensuring electric circular segment heater power links presented to cut off high temperature conditions with a high temperature jacketing framework will altogether diminish unscheduled upkeep and lost generation time.