Guide to Intuitive Eating for Healthy Lifestyle Before Wedding

Not everybody wants to lose weight before their wedding, but everybody does want to look healthier. If you are on calorie deficit or have been on chronic dieting since a while, then you must try Intuitive Eating to change your lifestyle. Intuitive eating also supports weight loss on a small scale, but it helps one to get healthier, happier and fall in love with their bodies for sure. We suggest the soon to be bride or grooms to try this before the wedding day wishes start pouring in!

What is Intuitive Eating?

The Intuitive Eating program was created by two dieticians- Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch back in 1995. The concept of Intuitive Eating was introduced to the masses so they could choose eating anything without feeling guilty. Also, one can enjoy the pleasure of eating by honoring hunger and respecting fullness. In short, it is a self-care eating framework where your emotions, instincts and rational thoughts are all integrated.

Intuitive Eating works on 10 principles mentioned below:

  • Reject the Diet Mentality
  • Honor Your Hunger
  • Make Peace with Food
  • Challenge the Food Police
  • Respect Your Fullness
  • Discover the Satisfaction Factor
  • Honor Your Feelings without Using Food
  • Respect Your Body
  • Exercise- Feel the Difference
  • Honor Your Health with Gentle Nutrition

The crux to these principles is to reject the thought of starving yourself, not honoring the instincts of your body about hunger, hating food, feeling guilty of eating something you like and not loving your body enough. Intuitive Eating also promotes exercising and honoring your health by knowing what food choices are best for your health.

What must one do for Intuitive Eating?

  • You must eat for your physical requirements rather than eating for emotional reasons
  • Rely on your hunger and eat when your body gives you signals. On the same hand, understand the satiety cues that you must stop eating the very moment you feel you are full

What not to confuse with Intuitive Eating?

Don’t confuse Intuitive Eating as a food plan or diet. So, there isn’t any pass or fail or cheating of diet. It is supposed to be a journey mind and body connection and self-discovery. You don’t have to count any calories, macros or how much carbs you are taking. If your trainer or dietician suggests you Intuitive Eating for weight loss, don’t fall in the trap.

Ultimately, it’s your body and you are the one who knows your hunger and satiety instincts. Only you know your emotions and feelings. Get over the weight and diet obsession. Respect your mental and physical health. Eat what is right for you, but don’t starve yourself. Don’t throw yourself into the health problems of weight stigma, eating disorder or weight cycling. Always remember, all bodies deserve respect, love, and respect!!

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