Getting A Wedding Florist In Singapore? Here’s How To Work With Them

Planning a marriage ceremony can be overwhelming. Brides and grooms like you need months or even years of preparations to turn their dream wedding into reality. You need to settle on a theme, pick an attire, book a venue, plan a menu, decide on a cake look and flavour, and look for the best florist in Singapore. Preparing for your and your soon-to-be spouse’s marriage rites can be daunting, but taking one step at a time will keep you from getting engulfed with the number of things you need to plan.

After you and your fiancé have picked a theme and attire, you can start your search for a wedding florist. These professionals will make your ceremony venue look ethereal and romantic—like something from a fairytale book. They will fill the aisle, corners, and ceiling with beautiful blooms to make your big day more memorable. You can purchase flowers and arrange them yourself to save money, but nothing beats the expertise of a florist who can make weddings look and feel magical. But why are floral bouquets and arrangements vital components of weddings? Do they have significance in these celebrations, or can you opt for other decor options?


While you can choose lanterns, ribbons, balloons, and potted plants to decorate your venue, flowers give a one-of-a-kind look and mood to your wedding. Throughout history, people used floral arrangements and bouquets to communicate their feelings to their loved ones. They also utilised the vibrant and artistic look of flowers to enhance the appearance of a space. Wedding flower experts in Singapore kept these functions in mind and used them to create stunning wreaths, garlands, and cascades for soon-to-be-wed couples and commemorate the love they share for each other.

Hiring a wedding florist will not be challenging since you and your soon-to-be husband or wife have numerous options in the country. You will only need to learn to find and choose the best one. However, building a valuable relationship with your florist is crucial to the success of your wedding ceremony. Your friendship with them will affect the final look of the floral bouquets and arrangements inside and outside your venue, so you should learn to treat them right. Scroll through to learn a few tips for choosing and working with the best florist in Singapore that will work on your wedding.


Tips For Choosing A Wedding Florist

Your florist’s job on your wedding day is just as crucial as your caterer, decorator, or planner’s. They are responsible for making your venue look more romantic and magical than it already is through their floral arrangements and bouquets. Since they have a weighty duty on your big day, it is only natural that you hire the best florist in Singapore. Here are a few tips for finding them:

A. Settle On An Arrangement Style

Before choosing a wedding florist, finalise your theme and preferred style. Look for inspirations online and download, print, or add them to your mood board. Doing so will help you find a florist specialising in your chosen bouquet and arrangement look.

B. Ask For Recommendations

If a family member, friend, or colleague recently got married, you can ask them who their wedding florist is and see if they can recommend their services. Additionally, ask them about their experience working with their chosen wedding flower expert to know what to expect from their assistance.

C. Compare Your Choices

Singapore is brimming with virtual and offline flower shops offering wedding flower arrangements. You could learn about these stores by checking their background and browsing their portfolio to see which one has the best florist to make your bouquet vision come to life.

D. Read Reviews

Customer testimonials will tell you about the reliability and capabilities of a wedding florist. By reading these reviews, you can see if a floral arrangement service is worth getting. You can often see these testimonials on their websites or social media accounts. If you cannot find them anywhere on the web, you can ask the flower shop for their customer testimonials.

E. Consider Their Prices

Brides and grooms like you do not need to spend hefty sums to get the prettiest flowers for the marriage ceremony. Floral bouquets and arrangements may be expensive, but getting them should not drain your resources.


How To Work With A Wedding Florist

Now that you know how to look for the best florist in Singapore, you should learn to build a fruitful and lasting work relationship with them. Doing so will help you have the floral bouquets you want for your marriage rites. Scroll through to learn a few tips to help you work with your wedding florist.

A. List Your Floral Arrangement Needs

As the bride or groom of your marriage ceremony, you have the final say on the number of floral bouquets and arrangements on your big day. You can list them before you meet your prospective wedding florist and present them during your meeting to help them understand your needs.

B. Share Your Vision Or Inspiration

If you saw an arrangement you liked, take a photo and show it to your wedding florist during your consultation. You can also make a mood board with your ceremony theme, colour palette, and style to help them understand the type of bouquet, garland, or arch to make for you.

C. Talk About Your Budget

Before the end of your initial consultation, talk to your wedding florist about your financial plan. Letting them know how much you are willing to spend on flowers will help them find the ideal blooms and make the perfect arrangements that fit your budget.

D. Raise Questions And Concerns

You can talk to your wedding florist about whatever question you may have about your floral bouquets or arrangements. Doing so can ease your concerns and help you set realistic expectations about their services.

Work With The Best Wedding Florist Today!

With the number of flower shops in Singapore, finding a talented and reliable wedding florist will not be a challenge. But your responsibility as a customer does not end after talking about your desired floral arrangements and bouquets for your big day. To ensure you have the most magical flower arches, garlands, cascades, and wreaths, learn to work efficiently with your wedding florist by following the tips above.

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