Free Attractions for Tourists in Bandung

For people who wish to have a vacation without having to spend a ton of cash, maybe some free attractions for tourist in Bandung can be quite a recommendation to save the budget. Come on, see the full review below.

  1. Photography Park

For people who prefer hunting good pictures, this place is quite recommended to visit. This free attraction for tourist at Bandung is among the places where photography fans gather.

You can meet and share or exchange ideas with individuals who share the same passion. The mayor made this playground of Bandung as a place to station present to young photographers.

You may even hang out appreciating the beauty of this park or while getting to know members of the photographer community at the city of Kembang.

  1. Film Park

For every one that like seeing films, there’s no need to go to the movies and pay for tickets. Only come to the Film Park beneath the Pasupati Bridge.

In this place, a huge screen is available to watch together. Also, you don’t have to be worried about where to sit because this place comes with synthetic grass and benches, which may load many individuals.

This park does have a concept as an open location. The decor itself is decorated with colorful neon lights, so it’ll look more attractive through the evening. Every day, this park plays numerous sorts of movies. Which vary from neighborhood movies, like Bandung indie movies, national film, to international film from Hollywood, Bollywood, Korea, and live soccer.

  1. Taman AlunAlun

Should you wish to unwind, try to come to the squaregarden. This park can be found in front of the Grand Mosque, and the place itself is coated with synthetic grass you might use to lie down or sit around. Every day, this place is always crowded with visitors, particularly visitors who also bring their households. This location is among the children’s attractions for tourist in Bandung that is very convenient to visit.

  1. City Hall

Other free amusement places are Bandung City Hall Park. This park is frequently utilized as a gathering place for a variety of communities in this town.

On weekends, you’ll be treated to views from several communities who’re practicing or merely gathering. Just like in Korea along with some other overseas attractions for tourist, here’s also a lock of love that is reserved for couples who wish to tie their love straps.

Maybe not there, there is other stuff which makes this place much more attractive.  In this park, there’s a park. You might also exclaim and try to play with here.

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