Discover The 3 Major Benefits of Seeking Help from Professional Medical Detox Centers

It takes willpower to make the choice to quit drugs and alcohol. You should be pleased with yourself for taking the first step toward recovery, but it’s also crucial that you take the appropriate precautions to ensure the longevity of your abstinence. Quitting “cold turkey” at home may not be the best option if you value your sobriety. There is a safer and more efficient option available: medical detox. Let’s talk about how medical detox can help you.

What is a Medical Detox?

Before we go into why medical detox is so important for addiction treatment and recovery, let’s talk about what a medical detoxification program entails.

Medical detox is the first and most important stage in addiction recovery.  For the vast majority of people, the first few days after quitting are very stressful. Enrolling in a secure, drug-free detox center can lessen the likelihood of relapse and prepare a patient for further treatment. Medical detox centers keep patients safe and comfortable as they begin the detox process. Expert medical teams treat withdrawal symptoms if they occur. A medical detox program isn’t just about making sure you’re comfortable; withdrawal symptoms may swiftly kill your sobriety efforts if you don’t take them seriously.

Benefits of Medical Detox

  1. It’s the first step in overcoming an addiction.

Detoxification is often the first step in a long and successful recovery from addiction. Detoxification from the addictive drug must first occur to begin the therapeutic process of analyzing the addictive behaviors and learning a healthy, sober new way of life. Detox is the first and most important step in the recovery process but in no way a substitute for actual therapy. It is often the most beneficial part of the rehab experience for patients. This enables people to get continuous medical attention while they endure the discomfort of withdrawal and prepare to enter less intense rehab programs.

  1. Possibility of identifying and treating co-occurring illnesses.

Many people who struggle with addiction also deal with mental or physical health problems. Substance addiction may suppress symptoms, so many individuals don’t realize they have issues with their periphery. Heroin addicts, for instance, are not as likely to experience the stomach discomfort typical with hepatitis. Detoxing under medical supervision is effective in identifying preexisting health issues.

  1. Medical detox often involves medications that are used to ease withdrawal symptoms.

Nearly 80% of detoxifying patients are offered medications in medical detox facilities. The intensity of withdrawal symptoms varies widely from mild to severe, depending on the severity of drug abuse. Detox drugs are used primarily to stabilize the patient’s brain, lessen the severity of withdrawal symptoms, ensure the patient’s safety and comfort, and lessen the probability of recurrence. Everyone’s withdrawal is unique because the onset and intensity of withdrawal symptoms may be influenced by a wide range of circumstances.

Do You Need a Medical Detox Program in Houston?

Detox is a potentially dangerous and uncomfortable procedure, but it can be managed effectively with medical supervision. Detox, under medical supervision, provides a safe and supportive setting for a person going through withdrawal from drugs or alcohol before beginning rehabilitation. Skyward Treatment Center is known for its safe and secure medical detox procedure for alcohol and other drugs addiction across Houston. Contact Skyward Center today for more information.