Different types of storage systems for a Warehouse

Storage systems exist in a variety of customizable options. It is common for the needs of warehouses to differ due to the business engagements. Knowing the goods to stock and frequency of selling the products is crucial. It ensures that you get the right system that works for your business.

Huge expectations follow the decision of management to invest in inventory management systems. Modern storage equipment aims at facilitating the functions and operations of the warehouse. Getting the details right during the designing process ensures that the system addresses the industry-specific challenges. Storage shelves and racks are a good way for businesses to promote the organization in the office. 

What Influences the Choice of Storage Systems?

Storage systems vary in their functionalities to the warehouse. Below are factors to consider when choosing a storage system;

  • Nature of items; fragile items need tailor-made storage solutions.
  • Weight; bulky and light-weight items use different storage equipment. 
  • Size; smaller items can fall off shelves. It is essential to choose a befitting solution for every type of product for stocking. 
  • Warehouse options; it entails the layout and dimensions of the area. The size of the warehouse influences the type of storage solution to use.

Here are the options in Warehouse Storage Systems


This is a popular way of storing items in warehouses. The system works well with fairly light-weighted items. The storage equipment is not suitable for bulky goods. Storing and retrieving the components on the shelves is a manual process. The system is not favorable to use with forklifts. Most products and accessories can make use of this storage system by http://eonrack.com.my/

Pallet Racking

The system is either made of plastic, metal, or wood. Pallet racking exists in many other forms according to customization. Its aim is to address mobility, and accessibility challenges to the storage system. The pallet racking storage system is stable in holding inventory. It occupies a minimal portion of the floor space. It is crucial to observe the limits in weights. Measuring the items for storage will reduce the risk of the rack falling. A higher weight of items at the top than those at the bottom might cause the system to topple over. Goods stored in boxes or pallets are ideal for storage in racks.

Warehouse Mezzanine Floor

It is ideal when the company is looking to create a huge storage space. The system involves the construction of an upper-level extension in the warehouse space. Mezzanine flooring has the potential of doubling the storage capacity in warehouses. Adding other levels to the storage offers adequate spaces for storing items. Flooring technicians offer professional services in the integration of the mezzanine floor to warehouses. The design makes use of manual and automated systems to access the floor.