All You Need to Know About the Akoya Pearls

We all know that pearls are the most famous gemstones among all the other types of gemstones like emeralds, diamonds and etc. The main reason behind this is their purity. Unlike other gemstones (diamonds, emeralds and etc) they don’t require any kind of cutting and extra finishing.

In fact, they look great without any extra finishing itself and this is the reason why they have a good demand across the world. Unlike diamonds and other gemstones pearls are not too costly. Pearl jewellery is generally budget-friendly as well.

Pearls – Different Types

Pearls are divided into two types and they are natural pearls and cultured pearls. These natural pearls are generally costly when compared to the cultured pearls because of their great lustre and rare availability. In fact, these natural pearls are very rare and this is the reason why they are costlier than the cultured pearls.

The cultured pearls are manmade pearls. They are generally created by the oyster farmers. They are grown in the pearl farms under certain conditions. These cultured pearls are further categorised into two types and they are salt water pearls and fresh water pearls.

Akoya Pearl – Shapes

Akoya pearls are the famous salt water pearls. Besides, they are generally grown in the Japanese and Chinese waters. These pearls look shiny and are available in different shapes and sizes. Remember, the price of pearls always depends on their size and shape. In fact, the price is high, if the size is bigger. Similarly, perfectly round shaped pearls are more in price when compared to the other pearl shapes because they look really amazing. Akoya pearl is generally available in different shapes like –

  • Drop
  • Round
  • Semi-Round
  • Baroque
  • Circle Baroque

The price of these pearls also depends on their colour and lustre as well. Pearls with more lustre will be generally costly. The baroque shaped pearls are nothing but irregularly shaped pearls. Pearls with this shape look very unique. Drop shaped pearls also look very attractive. Earrings which come with drop shaped pearls looks fabulous on any woman.

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