How Can You Give Proper Respect to Transgender Woman?

Often unknowingly, you might have already encountered many transsexual women. These transgender women usually work tirelessly in order to become almost flawless to present their feminine appearance.

However, few transgender women may face huge obstacles as they start out with extra height or noticeably with oversized male features. Strangers too can often quickly understand that she was a man. 

There may be few whom you know or must have worked with, who recently disclosed that they are transgender and have begun their “transition”.

How should you respect such transgender person, particularly if you are interested to spend your time with a shemale in the City of Love? Following are few things to follow while dealing with them.

  1. Always use appropriate gender pronoun

In case a person known to you, now has changed the gender, then after having made the transition, you need to use different pronoun for that person. 

Though it is difficult initially and you may slip often but if you continue to slip then it will be insulting to that individual.

  1. Transsexual is no longer a “He”

You must understand, once the person has changed into trans woman then he is no longer a male person and hence often referring the person by using the word “he” is just insulting and demeaning to that individual. 

You need to learn to address the person as “she”.

  1. Realize that they still remain the same person

You need to understand one thing, irrespective of the gender of the person, that the underneath the person remains the same. 

Though during the transition, the person needs to fight a big battle with self and many people at that stage often commit suicide too.

  1. Avoid asking about their genital configuration

Asking this question about their genital configuration can be humiliating as quite few of them undergo operation to change their sex organ while many prefer not to operate.

Asking the question about their present genital can be very embarrassing for them and it tent amounts to ridiculing them.  

  1. Be sympathetic to them as successfully changing gender is quite challenging

You need to understand the decision to change the gender is really very challenging as they will get plenty of criticism from their family, friends and society in general. 

They have to fight against all different norms of the world and take their decision to final stage. You must rather sympathize them.

  1. Don’t discuss about their past to someone unless necessary

It is better not to discuss about their past to someone as this may put them in poor light in the society. Make sure that you should not demean them so that they lose their respect before the eyes of the general masses. 

  1. Don’t reject them in public settings

Often their old friends may sometimes try to put them “out” in various public settings though their transition from male identity to female identity can be a colourful story. 

It is not very good idea if you share their details with strangers. You never know when any one might react very sternly to such type of trans-disclosure.