About the Expats Who Living in Batam Indonesia

Batam is the biggest city in the Riau Islands of Indonesia. It has also emerged as a favorite destination for individuals from Singapore and Malaysia but from all around the world. There’s a lot to experience, such as duty-free shopping, golf courses, spas, or relaxing at beach hotels. you can also do things go to places like:

  • Sports and Recreation
  • Palm Springs Golf
  • Indah Puri Golf
  • South Links Golf
  • Paradise Bay Golf
  • Tering Bay Golf
  • Tamarin Santana
  • Sukajadu
  • There is a gym at Baloi.
  • There are squash courts at the Harris Resort on the shore.
  • Drive the Barelang Highway into Bridge-6 (5 hrs)
  • Take a ferry from Telaga Punggur city on Bintan Island, to Tanjung Pinang.
  • Spend a day seeing the older palace and fort on Penyengat Island that is historic. It’s possible to visit there from a port nearby Pelantar and Bintan Mall.
  • Batam includes some excellent Mountain Biking from the trails around Duriangkang
  • Reservoir across the Nongsa coast
  • Require a little boat to old-fashioned Bee Pee Island. Tour by becak (bicycle rickshaw).
  • Marcel can direct you – his phone is +62813-6468 9261.
  • Excellent running spot, in Sekupang, hillside overlooking the sea, near Otorita Batam hospital. The view is very great, especially during the early morning when it’s pretty deserted – traffic.
  • Max’s Dive Centre offers snorkeling trips, diving excursions, diver certifications, and first aid instruction courses.
  • Films can be considered at Cinema 21/XXI (more dispersed films) or even Blitz (cheaper tickets).
  • Fitness Centers and pools at resorts and hotels are often readily available to the public for a little charge.
  • Cabins are somewhat limited on Batam, located only at Batam View Beach Resort (and not in low tide, possibly). Most sailors traveled down to Melur Beach on Galang Island (linked to Batam by five bridges).


Utilities from Batam, like the rest of Indonesia, are the same.

Here’s the list:

  • Fixed Line Phones – Run by Telkom, with a similar caliber to Jakarta, no significant issues, but lines may impact the quality of connections. Online transmission quality depends on how far you’re in the central bank and the standard of the phone lines.
  • Internet – Indosat, and Telkomnet are equally available and easy to use. Both provide a “broadband” connection at high prices and low visibility (e.g., VOIP does not work). Explore Telekom, which offers ADSL options at different speeds.
  • Internet Cafes: Many choose from, e.g., the scruffy but rapid Barelang Internet Cafe fees Rp10k /hr. – located behind Steps Music Lounge.
  • Electricity: routine blackouts, such as Jakarta. Batam PLN is struggling to maintain with needs that develop steadily every month. Workplaces and many private homes have a standalone generator.
  • Water: high supply but no or low pressure during peak times. Water quality is the WHO standard.

Medical Care

The standard of health care in Batam has improved, and you can acquire global standards. However, ex-pats will go to Singapore for a checkup or other ailments. Local physicians and nurses do their best to care for ex-pats. Sadly, the quality of medical services is not reassuring.

On websites, most large companies have their own medics for emergencies. Because of its close proximity to Singapore, helicopter evacuation is impossible. It has been declared a”no-fly” zone, so patients have to be evacuated to Singapore via airship.


ATM Machines: Bank Danamon Hotel Goodway. Bank Lippo’s ATM. You can withdraw money and varying levels, based on your account standing. Mandiri, BCA Commonwealth are also easily found.

Batam has a lot of fresh produce, including vegetables, fruits, and meats. Some Western supermarket items are available, e.g., cheese. With Singapore so close (1 hour ), it is possible to find anything else you want there. There are several largish supermarkets in Batam Center and Nagoya Hill Mall, such as Hypermart, Galeal, and Carrefour. Cost wise the ideal grocery store shopping is at Nagoya in the supermarket stores. However, they tend to focus on Chinese foods and also do not have as wide a range as the bigger stores. You can also visit Diamond grocery at DC Mall.

Dining Out

Nagoya has lots of outdoor food courts (available only at night). The biggest is the 400 seat Nagoya Food Court, contrary to the Hotel Sahid Rasinta. Try 888 Seafood’s Tofu Claypot Knuckle and the Tom Yum soup. For excellent seafood on the shore, try Rezeki Seafood at Batu Besar, 5km beyond the airport (US$10-15). Then, fantastic pub grub at Lucy’s Oar House. Try their homemade sausages and mash potato. Also fish and chips; steak sandwich; daily breakfast and healthy stir fry. Western Grill at Nagoya has a fantastic variety of steaks and meats and serves some great food.


For the lodging option, try the Holiday Inn & Harris Resort in Waterfront City, Harris at Batam Centre, Nagoya Hotel, Gideon Hotel, plus the I Hotel. Batam also has three large resorts that are newer such as Western at Panbil, Radison at Amaris, Sukajadi & Nagoya.

Mid-range Hotels: Island view is the best value for money. Ensure the space with AC functions. There are plenty of other mid-range resorts e.g., Puri Garden, but most are from the NED amusement district.

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