A guide to become the best intern ever!

Internships are a great head start to your career. During your internships, you develop organisational and interpersonal skills and it will help you to build your resume with good experience that employer’s value. The best benefit of internships is that they are a great chance to network and build contacts.

Chances are, if you are great intern, you might be offered a paid permanent position in the company as soon as you finish your education saving you the hassle of interviews and placements.

But how? How to become the best intern? Here are afew tips that would help you down this

  1. Do Your Research

If you have a PGP AU internship in your hand, start researching. Researching about what they do, how they do and what you are required to do. Do research the history as well as culture of the company, the people you will work for and with. This will not make you feel dumb on the first day of your job but much more knowledgeable and confident

  1. Your commitment counts

Employers do not take interns very seriously, so, you might have to walk an extra mile. Come on time, may be a bit early and leave late if you have to but, meet your deadline and your targets. Do all this with a quality of work that impresses the people who hire you.

Commitment towards your work can get you a permanent job even if you are not very good at it.

  1. Work as if it is your real Job

One has to be serious to be taken seriously enough. You are an intern but your work is important for the company. Whatever you do will have a particular e learning virtual classroom effecton the company’s work, if you do good, it will show and affect your feedback.

  1. Chooseyour Mentor

Find yourself a mentor at work. The more you learn from them the better it is. Mentors can also vouch for you when the leaders ask for your feedback, and someone from the company itself supporting you positively can be a great deed.

  1. Push Yourself

It is important to take up responsibilities that are not there in the job description. During the internship time, learn as much as you can without limiting yourself. Do everything you can, you are an intern, spread your wings.

  1. Ask Questions

You are doing an internship,you are learning, you have not been hired. YET! Therefore, ask questions. Ask sincere questions that show you are learning to the best you can.

  1. Stay Off your phone

Social media addiction is common but save it for your lunch break. Save MEMES, FACEBOOK, SNAPCHAT, TWITTER for later. This will show your sincerity. Ignore your whatsapp group for a while.

  1. Network and socialize

This is exactly what you are here for. Make contacts, get skilled people with more contacts as your friends, they might help you gain jobs and further internships.