A Beginner’s Home Makeover: How To Buy Furniture Online?

No place compares to home, as everyone is aware. After all, a home is where everyone spends most of their time and lets their guard down without worrying about the prejudices of others. But would you still agree if the place you called home looks old and worn? In that case, consider getting a home makeover. Consider replacing outdated pieces with designer furniture in Singapore to make your home stand out and become more welcoming.

Part I: What Is Home Makeover?

Home makeover means renovating the interior design and changing the pieces of furniture to match everything to a home owner’s preference. After all, who would in the right mind live in a place that does not suit their taste?

As you already know, everyone has a dream home of their own, and most, if not all, want to achieve that dream. That is one of the reasons why ‘Dream Home Makeover’ exists and is so popular with Netflix’s viewers.

Of course, you are not an exception since you also have a dream home that you want to have and live for good. But instead of waiting to be featured in the said Netflix show, you should consider doing your home makeover yourself.  Ensure to change the interior design as you change the old furniture with designer furniture in Singapore.

Part II: 9 Tips For Buy Furniture Online

1. Know Your Varieties Of Furniture Options

Not every online furniture retailer shop in Singapore is the same that offers various types of furniture.  Understand that others specialise in ergonomic office furniture and contemporary ones, which come with different pricing. Knowing the varieties of furniture options that your chosen supplier offers can help ease your furniture shopping.

2. Product Descriptions And Specifications

Another thing you need to do to ease your online furniture shopping is to look through the product descriptions and specifications. Doing so gives you ideas of what the piece looks like in person.

3. Look At The Images And Videos

Words cannot adequately depict the situation; instead, look at the pictures and videos of pieces of furniture. By looking through them, you may see them from various perspectives, giving the impression that you are viewing them in person rather than on a screen, such as a leather sofa in Singapore.

4. Read Comments And Reviews

Since you have not bought pieces of furniture from your chosen online furniture shop, it only makes sense that you do not know whether or not they sell quality pieces. The only way to figure out the answer to this is to read the comments and reviews left by past buyers.


Remember that comments and reviews are feedback from customers about their experience, and if you consider what they said, you can weigh your options more and make an informed decision.

5. Measure The Space More Than Twice

To guarantee that the pieces of furniture you will be buying from an online furniture shop fit perfectly with your space, do not hesitate to measure where you plan to place it more than twice. By double-checking the measurement, you choose and purchase the perfect fit pieces of furniture like a sofa bed in Singapore right the first time. In other words, no need to return them to get the correct size next time.

6. Take Note Of The Return Policy

Besides getting the wrong size of furniture pieces, receiving a damaged one is not the reason why you should take note of the return policy. It can give you ideas on the criteria for returns and replacements, including up until when you can return what you have purchased.

7. Only Shop From An Online Furniture Shop With Secured Connection

As scams and phishing incidents are now prevalent, the more you need to be careful with your online purchases. Pieces of furniture like a dining bench in Singapore are no exception, so you should remember to only shop from a reliable online furniture shop with a secured connection.

8. Pay Using Safe Method

While there is nothing wrong with paying with cheques, debit cards and direct bank transfers for the pieces of furniture you want to buy, you have no protection if something goes wrong.

In that case, always ensure to pay using a much safer method, through a credit card.  It will give you added protection. You no longer have to worry about your purchases if something happens since you can create a dispute with the vendor (let us say an online furniture shop) to get your money back.

9. Shop During The Sale Season

Since pieces of furniture like a marble dining table in Singapore can cost hundreds of dollars, you should consider shipping during the sale season. That is the time when everything is relatively cheaper than regular days. In other words, you can save more money and buy the rest of your savings for online furniture shopping for other things you may need later.

Apart from the tips mentioned, there are other things you should know to ease your online furniture shopping and grasp the mistakes you need to avoid to purchase the right pieces. In that case, take note of the following and make sure to commit any of them.

  • Opting for trendy items
  • Buying everything all at once
  • Dismiss to view the real thing
  • Neglect to compare pricing
  • Unable to confirm the shipping and assembly costs
  • Forgets to take advantage of coupon codes

Be A Smart Shopper And Have An Ease Home Makeover With Star Living!

Purchasing pieces of designer furniture in Singapore is easy since many future shops sell them, whether in person or online. The only challenging part of furniture shopping is finding the right piece that fits perfectly in anyone’s home. Help ease your furniture shopping online by taking notes of everything mentioned above.

If the same goes for you, consider also getting help. Contact Star Living at  +65 6365 8832 or leave a message on its website. Once you do so, describe the leather sofa and other pieces you want in Singapore as descriptive as possible.