6 Mistakes That Can Complicate a Singapore Divorce Process

Marriages are lifelong commitments. You pledge to stay by your partner’s side in sickness and in health, till death do you part… or so that is how it is supposed to go. Unfortunately, the outlook of some marriages is not so rosy. A couple might experience hardships and challenges they cannot overcome no matter how hard they try. Perhaps the union is not meant to last, with multiple failed attempts to reconcile. Because of the couple’s shared experiences, they may have no choice but to save themselves from a bleak future by initiating the Singapore divorce process.

The irreconcilable differences are the catalyst for divorce. In Singapore, either party will need to hire a family lawyer to know more about what their options are regarding their separation. The divorce procedure in Singapore is a complex labyrinth that is nearly impossible to navigate without assistance. A family lawyer knows the ins and outs of the process so you will not have a hard time figuring out what to do. They are your allies and help you find the best possible outcome for you.

Divorce often has negative connotations in modern society. But when people are at their wit’s end, toxic relationships can endanger the lives of spouses or children. Divorce may be the only option. Even amicable separations might need to go through the divorce process so all parties involved may have a better and more fulfilling restart to their lives.

With a divorce lawyer, you can navigate the process and end up with cleaner proceedings. Political reform and good lawyers can ensure cleaner breaks between couples. You may also be more likely to receive an outcome you desire.

What kind of mistakes can you make regarding the divorce process?


For some people, divorce might feel like a peaceful way to end things with your partner, but for most people, it is a stressful time that can get you into heated arguments and high emotions. The last thing you want to do in a divorce proceeding is to say something that incriminates you. The role of a divorce lawyer is to help you choose the best course of action and represent you and your points of view.

However, in Singapore, a divorce lawyer can only do so much. If you become stubborn or careless, you make costly mistakes that might tilt the odds in your partner’s favour. Learn some common mistakes people make when approaching divorce proceedings.

1) You forget to sever any financial or property ties with your spouse

Your divorce may get much messier than it should be if you do not negotiate (or at least plan out) how you and your spouse will divide the property. Concepts like ‘conjugal property’ can muddy the waters and make it difficult to know what assets and belongings should go to which person.

2) You forget to consult sound legal advice from a qualified person

Before you do anything about your separation, the first thing you want to do is to consult a family lawyer in Singapore. You need to explore all avenues first before deciding how you want your divorce to happen. For example, there are two types of divorce proceedings: contested and uncontested. Contested divorces are more complicated and you might need to go head-to-head with your spouse over the details of your divorce.

3) You refuse (or fail to) communicate with your spouse

If you do not communicate with your spouse about any problems you may have with any arrangements, you may have a harder time knowing how to talk about your rights. For example, child custody dictates who your children will live with and who decides every major decision regarding their life. Even if you are on bad terms with your spouse, try your best to maintain open communication with them. It will help you negotiate for better terms and resolve misunderstandings.

4) You disregard lawyer fees for your divorce

Have you thought about how much your lawyer fees might be when you finish the divorce proceedings? Do not wait until after you finish finalising your divorce to know how much the fees will be. Lengthy divorce cases like contested divorces can last months to years at a time. When divorces take that long to finalise, you know your lawyer fees will skyrocket. Consider the costs carefully before you involve a lawyer.

5) You involve other family members in your divorce

A divorce is a personal matter that should only concern the two spouses (and their children under circumstances about child custody). Involving other family members like mothers-in-law or other relatives will only muddy the waters and weaken your divorce case. Never involve any family members who play no part in the divorce. You are better off minding yourself when you initiate a divorce.

6) You are not being honest with your lawyer

Be completely honest with your lawyer. Remember, they are there to help you. They are not someone you should fight against because they will help you achieve the best possible outcomes in divorce proceedings. Sometimes, they may ask many intrusive questions that make you feel uncomfortable or defensive. In reality, they only want to know more about you and your case so they know what angle to go for. A family lawyer knows all about the bonds between family members and how fragile they are. Consulting them can give you a new outlook on your divorce.

Do not be afraid of divorce in Singapore and its cost. You can reach out to Lie Chin Chin, a law firm in Singapore, to know more about what you can do to receive the most favourable outcome for you, your children, and your property.