5 Benefits of attending live online classes than the recording class.

With the advent of digitalization, everything or maybe said every work has been limited by the internet. The Internet is the source of every information. Before the advent of the internet, people used to work manually, but thanks to internet connectivity, now every work is given on the internet or social media platforms. From bank transactions to calculations, all the things are done with the help of the internet, which was used to be done manually, before. Even the education system has also get influenced by internet connectivity. Even due to the ideas of digitization, the teachers have also started taking live online classes, which not only saves time but also saves money as live online classes are much cheaper than offline classes. Even the concept of the library has also gotten transferred into the virtual library, which not only delimited the access to the books but also save paper as well as money. 

But the question is how live online classes are benefitted to us? And why should we prefer to attend the live online classes over the recorded classes? To get the answer to these questions, we must focus on the points given below about the benefits of attending the live online classes:

  1. Immediate access: The first benefit of attending live online classes is to get the opportunities of immediate access to the classes as well as the knowledge that the educators are distributing among the students. Not only that, the candidates can access the site wherever he wants. There are always educators present who often seem to be useful in online classes. One can immediately access the live classes where ever he wants. All he needs is a smart way of learning processes.
  2. Instant doubt clearance: Through live online classes, people are more often become quite conscious of their studies and even if they face any problems regarding the classes or the materials, they often found it easy to clear their doubts as during the class, the educators already present in that place. Hence it became much easier for them to get in touch with the educators to clear their doubts instantly. Due to this, the candidate does not need to wait for any other session to clear his doubt. Also, such facilities one cannot get if he avails the recorded class. Rather he has to wait for another class.
  3. Face-to-face virtual interaction: in recorded classes, it is not possible for anyone to know the other students in the class. But in the case of live online classes, virtual interaction is often possible due to which one may also make friends from the live online classes.
  4. Virtual class experience: Due to pandemics, offline classes are not possible, thus the introduction of online classes. Due to this, it became possible to gain a virtual class experience even there is no scope for online classes.
  5. Flexible timings: the Live online classes often provide flexible timing to its candidate. Thus, it became useful for the students.

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