Why Do I Need to Remove My Wisdom Teeth?

Extraction of wisdom teeth may not be necessary but sometimes a dentist may suggest it. The question may come to your mind why I should remove it when they don’t cause any issues. This surgery may not be necessary but may be suggested depending on several factors. It is significant to understand the reason for the removal of Wisdom Teeth Jasper. You should discuss with your dentist about the possible reasons why you must get rid of this tooth. He can educate you on the reasons and help you answer all your questions.

Future dental issues

One of the most significant reasons why this tooth needs to be extracted is that the dentist may observe any future issue in your mouth such as no room for more teeth in the mouth or the tooth is unable to penetrate through the jawbone properly. In such a case, he may suggest extraction even if you don’t experience any pain due to your wisdom tooth.

Preventive measures 

It has been observed that a dentist may remove wisdom teeth as a part of preventive measures. If he has observed a wisdom tooth at a young age, he might advise you to get it extracted because as we become adults, the jawbone will be stronger and the extraction may be more tedious. Moreover, at that time, you might feel more pain and heavy bleeding after the surgery. That’s why, getting it extracted at a young age can be the best bet.

Damage to other teeth

Your dentist may perform X-rays and scans to check the actual growth of the wisdom tooth. If the molars are pushing other teeth to accommodate the teeth, the dentist will go ahead and remove this tooth. This condition can give rise to other dental issues such as bite problems and pain in the mouth.

Cyst formation

It has been observed that cysts can be formed around the wisdom tooth, which can damage the nerves and jawbone at the same time. To prevent this condition, extraction of the wisdom tooth is necessary.

Alignment of teeth

It has been observed that teeth may be misaligned due to the additional tooth causing pain and discomfort in the mouth. Therefore, wisdom teeth removal is the best bet.

It is strongly recommended to follow the instructions of the dentist before making any final decision. He can suggest the best way to deal with all your dental issues.