What you need to know about the custom popcorn boxes

The increasing cultural shift has led to the trend of people visiting the cinemas more often than in the past. People now more diverts to cinemas in their daily lives and the occasion like Christmas, Easter, etc. Thus, they like to get the delight of the popcorn serving with every single visit. Ultimately it has resulted in more demand in the popcorn boxes over time.

Although there are many enterprises in the packaging industry serving with captivating custom popcornboxes. But they charge more than that of actual cost. Therefore, you need to first understand the purpose of the custom packaging boxes and how to use them while keeping your target audience and product into consideration.

  • Your product must offer the feel of exclusivity:

The person paying for a certain product wants some good quality in the return. Therefore, using the custom cardstock popcorn boxes is the most favorable out of all. They are durable and prevents the delicate product from any damage. Also, they have the best printing surface and printing lasts longer on them.

Moreover, the eco-friendly Kraft is also being in use for the manufacturing of the custom popcorn boxes wholesale. Such boxes are easily soluble in the earth and leave behind no harmful waste in the environment. The composition of these packaging materials varies with the cost. The highly durable packing range is of14pt-22pt.

  • Invest once in the packaging and branding:

Why invest in the marketing of the product when half of the work can be done by the product itself. Didn’t you get it? There isn’t any hard science behind it. But the reason is pretty obvious. The customboxes with logo have all that is necessary for the branding. For instance, the logo is the benchmark of any enterprise and having that on the boxes helps the consumer in recalling your brand name for a longer time.

Therefore embossing, debossing, spot UV and foil stamping are the ways to decorate your product apart from the designing of the logo. Similarly, the fancy gloss and matte polish lure the consumer towards your brand. It improves the texture of the boxes and influence sales.

  • The vibrant the better!

Printing is the only way you can rely on a major sales boost. But why printing? People generally underestimate the value of the printing on the packs. However, it is just of the colors that they subconsciously choose that specific product over others.

The custom printed popcorn boxes have the animation and image on them that retain consumer interest in your product. Especially when our target audience is the kids, they are more prone to cartoons and funky images.

Although the industry offers multiple printing techniques to cater to your printing need. But the digital, offset and flexography are the most reliable ones. They are durable, long-lasting, and affordable. The animations printing feels a hindrance due to the color range. Thus, getting the PMS color model will accommodate your printing idea due to the wide range of shades.

  • The lesser, the better:

Minimalism is the new rule of success. The modernizations have made to tailor the boxes with the best of the technology at affordable rates. However, getting the customization of your choice is difficult. But the Plus Printers have left its competitors far behind in this regard by serving thousands of customers with the consumer-friendly products within the duration of 5-6 working days.

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