What Are The Things To Take Note Of When You Apply For PR In Singapore?

Seeking a better life is one of the reasons why most people embark on a journey to live in Singapore. Given that it is a well-developed country with the world’s lowest crime rate, who would not want to stay here for good? People visiting Singapore, whether for personal or business purposes, wish to remain longer as much as they can if permitted. Despite knowing little about the lion city, when people fell in love with it, they ended up submitting an application for PR in Singapore.

An application for PR is a document that people submit to Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA), along with necessary documents hoping they will become a permanent resident.

What Is A Permanent Resident?

If you are wondering what a permanent resident is, it is a status that foreigners can get. They are the ones who want to become a legal resident of a country. Obtaining this title will allow them to reside for as long as possible. Their right to stay is indefinite, and they can come and leave anytime they want.

To become a permanent resident, a foreigner must submit their application for PR in Singapore after staying and working in the country for six months. It can be in person or online.

Those who do not have much time to drop by in person at the ICA’s office may send their application and apply for PR in Singapore online. All they need to do is log in to MyICA. Fill out the PR application form, attach all the necessary documents, and pay the SGD 100 application fee.

Additionally, each accepted PR candidate must pay an SDG 20 entry permit fee. In other words, a successful PR candidate must pay a total of SGD 120.

**All payments made are not refundable. That means PR applicants cannot get their money back once they get rejected.

Part I: The Benefits Of Becoming A PR in Singapore

1. Live, Work, Enter, And Leave At Anytime

Once a PR candidate like you receives approval from ICA and is granted the PR status, they will receive a ‘Blue Card’. Its counterpart is the ‘Green Card’ in the US, which certifies your identity as a permanent resident.


With this, you no longer have to apply for a visa to work or travel around Singapore. It is hardly surprising since permanent residents can obtain a Singapore passport. That means they can enjoy the same benefits as local citizens. As long as they are a passport holder of Singapore, they travel to over 160 countries since they have visa-free access.

To learn more about how days you can stay in each country with your visa-free access, check out this visa guide for Singaporeans.

2. Your Spouse And Children Under 21 Can Also Become PR

That is for sure, but not overnight. Just like you, they also need to submit their application for PR in Singapore. If your children are already at the age they can study in school, keep in mind that they are part of the priority list.

Once accepted and your children become PR, you can enrol them on Singapore schools, and they are entitled to discounted tuition fees. Check out the revised school fees for 2022 and 2023 to know how much you need to pay when you enrol your kids on school.

3. No Need To Re-Apply For A Singapore Work Permit When You Change Jobs

Another benefit you will obtain once you become a PR is that you can change jobs without needing to re-apply for your Singapore work permit. That means you can find better jobs for your experience and skill sets to receive a better income for you and your family.

4. Contribute To A Flexible Pension System

You can also contribute to Singapore’s flexible pension system once you become a permanent resident. And by the age of 55, you can withdraw a lump sum from your retirement fund.

5. Better And Affordable Healthcare

Apart from being able to contribute to Singapore’s flexible pension system, permanent residents are also entitled to get better and affordable healthcare. That means they no longer have to worry so much about the medical bills since they can expect to pay relatively cheaper than foreigners and do not have a PR status.

If you are also planning to do the same, here are the things you need to take note of before you submit your PR application in Singapore.

Part II: 7 Things To Take Note Of When You Apply For PR In Singapore


Once you decide to apply for PR in Singapore, fill up the online application after checking which correct scheme you should be under. Currently, there are three schemes: Professionals/Technical Personnel & Skilled Worker Scheme (PTS), Global Investor Programme Scheme (GIP), and Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme (ForArts)


Since some documents take a long time to receive, you should prepare them ahead of time. Doing so allows you to focus on your PR application.


Besides UK English being the official business language, no one can understand if your documents are in foreign languages such as Spanish, Arabic, and many others.


When you apply to become a permanent resident in Singapore, read the criteria guidelines as carefully as possible. Otherwise, you might overlook things that could be the reason why your PR application will be sent back to you or get a rejection.


Like in many countries, expired documents and IDs are no longer honourable. That means no one will acknowledge them.


It will help you find mishaps on your PR application in Singapore.


They will serve as references when something happens later.

To learn more about how to apply as a permanent resident in Singapore, contact Singapore Immigration Partners. They are an agency that has been helping many people become PR for years.