What Are The New Features On The iPhone 12?

With Apple delaying this year announcement of their new iPhone from September to October due to the global pandemic caused by Coronavirus, this iPhone release has fast become one of the most highly anticipated releases in recent times for the iPhone; probably since the iPhone X. With there being multiple new features on this iPhone, we assess what we are looking forward to most. 




The first thing that is striking when it comes to the new iPhone 12 is the design has reverted back to the squared and sharp edges which were last seen on the iPhone 5S. Apple has moved away from the rounded edge now and returned to one of the sleekest designs in the history of the iPhone. Apple have also released a new ‘Ceramic Shield’ in which they promise to have created the strongest glass on a smartphone on the market. 

Internally in the phone Apple have released their latest A14 Bionic chip in which they believe that their last A13 chip is the only thing that comes “close to this new chip”. They promise is to be 50% faster than any other chip on the market due to its 11.8 billion transistors.

Due to Apple leading the way in advancement in technology, other industries have taken benefit of this to increase their revenue. Online casinos, such as these non-Gamstop casinos for UK players, are now seeing more players playing remotely and through the use of their app due to the quality of being able to play online these days. 

Furthermore, and an avenue in which Apple has been trying to push in more recent times is the camera. This iPhone promises to max out the Pro camera system; a 47% larger sensor and larger mega-pixels really increase the quality in which the iPhones images are able to give. This is quite easily, and has been for some time now, the greatest camera on the smartphone market and certainly begs the question to why you would ever buy a camera again when you have such an impressive one in your iPhone. 

And of course, the new iPhone allows for use of their new operating system as well – iOS 14. This is the first OS that Apple have brought out on the iPhone in which you can actually customise your home screen with widgets; something that Apple fans have been long crying out for.