What are the benefits of purchasing lab-grown diamonds?

Love is in the air and you have finally decided the engagement date. Engagement day is a special day for any couple as they gear up to start a new journey. You will be proposing your lady love in front of everyone, so everything has to be special. Most of the people do not focus on engagement rings as they are more concerned with the decorations, apparel and food. The entire purpose of engagement goes in vain if you do not choose the best engagement ring for your spouse. After all, an engagement ring is a symbol of love and both of you are going to wear it for the rest of your lives.

Diamonds are by far the best choice for engagement rings. They are grown under conditions that have been created for their growth- heat, pressure, carbon, and heat. Usually, two methods are used for growing diamonds- Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and High-pressure High Temperature (HPHT) methods. But things have become easier for people with the introduction of lab diamond rings. The best part of these diamonds is that it is difficult to differentiate between a lab-grown and a mined diamond. The lab diamonds are an affordable option compared to the normal ones. However, to make the right purchase, the buyer needs to know about the 4Cs of a diamond- Clarity, Color, cut, and carat. Besides this, you need to focus on the right size.

Advantages of purchasing lab diamonds for engagement:

Wondering why you should buy a lab-grown diamond? There are various reasons why lab-grown diamonds can be chosen as the best engagement ring. Read this to know more!

  • Lab-grown diamonds are of superior quality– You will be investing a good amount on engagement rings so you need to ensure that it is of the best quality. Usually, the buyers will focus on the universal standard i.e. the 4Cs before purchasing. The cost of the diamond will depend on its quality. Higher the quality, greater is the price. However, there is a basic difference between naturally grown diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. In the former, there can be grains of dirt or impurities because they have grown up naturally. On the other hand, lab diamonds are created in labs under favorable conditions. Due to this, the lab-grown diamonds are free from impurities and they are whiter and glossier than the natural diamonds.
  • Less expensive as compared to the normal diamonds– Wondering what will be the price for such a luxurious and high-quality diamond? You’ll be surprised to know that lab-created diamonds are cheaper than the normal ones. You can save as high as 40% on the cost of the lab diamonds. With such huge savings, you can easily purchase a customized and superior metal base which would not have been possible if you would have purchased a mined diamond. These diamonds are affordable and it can easily permit your budget.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable– Another greatest advantage of a lab-grown diamond is that it is eco friendly and sustainable. A lot of manpower is needed for digging. Besides man power, a lot of power and machinery have to be used for the same purpose. Sometimes, in the name of diamond mining, a lot of animals and trees have to sacrifice their lives. Acres of topsoil are removed while taking out diamonds from the holes. Though mining companies are trying to come up with nature-friendly practices, anything that is obtained from mining can be strenuous for the earth. But when you opt for lab diamonds, they are absolutely guilt-free. The process of obtaining these diamonds is carried out in the lab under favorable environmental conditions. Also, there is minimum water usage in lab-grown diamonds i.e. 18 gallons per carat; whereas the mined ones need 127 gallons of water per carat. Nowadays, a large number of labs are making use of renewable sources of energy to make it sustainable.
  • Color varieties in lab diamonds– Clear diamonds have become a matter of the past because the new brides are highly interested in fashionable and colorful diamonds. Colorful diamond is the best choice to enhance the look of your fiancée. However, the sad truth is it is difficult to find natural diamonds with color. It is rare and the price of natural colored diamond rings is beyond your imagination. An average person cannot afford it so easily! But if you choose a lab-created diamond, there won’t be price issues at all. These diamonds can be maneuvered to make it grow as a colorful stone. Because of this manipulation, the buyers can have access to a wide range of colored diamonds and at an affordable price. Aldo, you can expect a vibrant color as they are unadulterated than the mined ones.
  • Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds– Diamonds are perfect for engagements as they signify love for your better half. It is strong and sturdy and they can stay intact for a long 50 years. Because of its sturdiness, diamonds can withstand daily usage, and still have a glossy and shiny appearance. Lab-grown diamonds are similar to mined diamonds because they have similar physical properties. The only difference is the way they are produced. The resemblance between the two is incomparable and at times, it becomes difficult for a professional to differentiate between the two.

These are probably some of the best reasons why lab diamonds are far better than the mined ones. It is beneficial for mother earth as well as for you. It is a means to brighten up human life. One of the best facts about lab-grown diamond is that it can be used for laser lenses, laser lenses, high-pressure anvils, and surgical knives. Lastly, your investment will be fruitful only when you buy it from a reliable jeweler. Do plenty of research on the internet to find out the reputation of the company. Look for the experience, background, buyer reviews, and the shopping experience. Checking the review is a must because you get a lot of information on the quality and other aspects of the company.