Top Ways to Make Money with Recycling

Recycling is a great way to help save our planet Earth. But, aside from preserving the environment, did you know you can also make money doing it? You can make money on your own or even recycle with other people. The following are just some of the most popular ways to do it:

1.     Avail of bottle deposit schemes

Many states in the USA offer a bottle deposit scheme. That means that you can earn money by bringing in used bottles and cans to be recycled. In America alone, recycling aluminum cans make over $850 million per year. Not bad for an item that costs less than a dollar from your local store. There are also about 22 billion plastic bottles thrown away every year, which is why there’s a big market for this recycling too. The more you recycle, the more money you’ll get back.

2.     Recycle scrap metal

A lot of scrap metal and aluminum pieces can be recycled for money. You might think it’s only heavy steel objects like metal bars and cars that can earn good money, but even aluminum pans, pots, and baking trays can contribute to a nice sum. So, if you have some aluminum items that you can recycle, you can ask bring them to an aluminum can recycling Kansas City facility, and get paid in the process.

Some recycling centers even give people cash to drop off their junk appliances, meaning that you don’t have to dismantle them yourself. Just make sure you get a receipt for the recycling. Otherwise, the center won’t pay.

3.     Recycle books

Gather all your old books and bring them to your local recycling center, and you could even get paid. In addition, there’s a big market for old books if you want to sell yours. The internet is perfect for selling items, especially on eBay. So list your old book collection online and wait for the cash to roll in.

4.     Recycle old electronics

Many old electronics contain gold, silver, aluminum, and copper, all of which are precious metals that can be sold off for good money. If you’ve got aluminum scraps from old electronics lying around your house, you can recycle them yourself or sell them for those who are looking for such items.

5.     Make use of biodegradable waste

Recycling is not only about reusing plastics and papers. It also involves using biodegradable waste for green purposes. You can use biodegradable waste, like rotten fruits and vegetables, as fertilizers for your garden or plants. This can be a good business too. You can sell your biodegradable fertilizers to your friends and family and you can make good money out of them. It’s not only eco-friendly, but you can save money from buying fertilizers, and make money by selling them!


Those are just some of the ways you can make money recycling. If you want to know more, check out the internet or ask people who work at your local recycling center.