Top 6 Factors To Consider When Getting Waterproofing In Singapore


Roofs are the most extensive parts of properties, commercial or residential, that face high exposure to rain and heat. Because your roof helps protect your personal belongings within your property, it is only necessary to get waterproofing services in Singapore. This service is also handy, considering that the country has tropical weather and, at the same time, also encounters storms and hurricanes throughout the year. The cardinal reason to get a roofwaterproofing installation and repair service is the extra layer of protection it provides. Whether houses or buildings, commercial or residential, roof waterproof coating acts as a wall against other environmental factors besides rain and sun.

With the appropriate roof insulation materials, say goodbye to wall leakage repair, water stains on your walls, unnecessary leakage from your ceiling, and other roofing issues. Waterproofing in Singaporeis a protection process designed to apply on the roofs, prevent possible leakages, and acts as your protective barrier. Instead of frequently getting roof repair services and spending time and money, apply a waterproof coating to keep water out of your roof. Use the guide below to know which factors to consider when choosing your roof coating.


During harsh rainstorms, water accumulates on your roof. If it has cracks, it can seep through, drip down your ceiling and walls, and damage your entire property. As a result of these environmental stressors, mould and mildew could develop on your roof and walls, causing more severe problems and may highly require wall leakage repairservices. However, you can prevent these from happening. Consider getting the best waterproofing company in Singapore. To help you get the best one in the industry, here are some factors to consider:


Whether acrylic, silicone, polyurethane, or metal roof waterproofing coatings in Singapore, pay attention to the type of material the specialist will lay on your existing roofing. Improper coating and type can cause additional damage. Urethane application over any surface with silicone on top can obstruct your roofing and may need more roof waterproofing repairservices, for instance.


The reason why you’re considering getting waterproofing in Singapore is to provide solutions to your roofing. Generally, the waterproof coating has high durability. When choosing a company, you need to find one that has the materials that can offer high tensile strength, shore A hardness, extreme levels of durability, and stretchy distance, also called elongation, that won’t easily break.

As the temperature changes, especially in a tropical country, the waterproofing membrane expands and shrinks depending on the current weather. Elongation and durability play a crucial role in these environmental stressors. The waterproofing membrane on your roof needs a material that can stretch long enough to accommodate movement, especially for high-rise or steel buildings. Through a trusty waterproofing company in Singapore, they can help cover cracks or tears. So, find a company that offers you a solution with good stretching abilities or elongation on their materials and helps beat wall leakage repairand other problems.



Unless you have trees above your property, rest assured your waterproofing coating in Singaporeis safe from sunlight damage. However, if it doesn’t have one to act as its cover, your waterproofing membrane and layer must be ultraviolet (UV) resistant. Otherwise, it will lose its potency and endurance as the sun exposure beats down on it. UV and the excessive heat can cause it to be brittle and have cracks.

When getting a coating from a waterproofing company in Singapore, evaluate their products and materials, and consider the variety of design options, heat attraction, and membrane protection.


The curing time of different waterproofing coating types in Singapore varies a lot. However, generally, it takes up to at least 48 hours or two days to cure. This period is the typical curing time, but it is not ideal due to susceptibility to rain. That is the primary reason some companies utilise spray-applied waterproofing solutions, as these products take seconds to fix. When it comes to curing time, the faster it cures, the faster you can get the job done, the better. A quicker curing time can instantly protect your coating from rain.



Even if your material has a high elongation rate, it can still break, encounter damage, or tear apart due to considerable force. Your waterproof membrane should be durable enough to withstand natural disasters and other environmental stressors, such as heavy rainwater, earthquake, heavy wind, hurricane, cyclones, or fire incidents. Ensure to assess waterproofing services and materials in Singapore before deciding which coating you plan to apply.

Besides tearing by environmental factors, the material also must have high endurance to wear and tear from everyday use. Before making arrangements with a waterproofing company in Singapore, determine the abrasion resistance of their roofing materials. Ask them to test it, such as dropping nails, screws, and other heavy objects.


When hiring a waterproofing company in Singapore,  check for their track record. Read reviews, do a background check, get insights and customer feedback, and add other options to your list. Also, work with a manufacturer with a strong history with liquid waterproofing membrane solutions, have been in years of service, and are certified and licenced installers.

Final Remarks

It is essential to waterproof your house. The interior areas of your home must remain dry all the time. The best way to do that is by getting waterproofing services in Singapore. Without these assistance, you will likely encounter mould and mildew build-up, water infiltration, insect infestation, wall leakage and may need repair, and other roofing problems. Waterproofing your property, house, or building before construction can help you avoid these problems. If you waterproof your roofing, it will prevent damage that may accumulate later on.

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