Tips for Shooting BSA Air Rifles in cold weather

BSA was one of the largest suppliers of arms in Europe. They make air rifles with exceptional build quality and sleek performance. Their products always meet the highest benchmark and make them one of the most trusted airgun suppliers.

Things to do, and those you should not

Taking out your air rifle into cold weather can be risky. You should be aware of how cold the weather may affect your gun. Heavy weather and snow can drastically affect the velocity of the bullet. Before checking your equipment, make sure that you are dressed warmly; Adding multiple thinner layers of clothing is better than wearing thick layers.

Look out for the Lubricants

Make sure the lubricants you use in your rifle is rated for the temperatures you are in. Otherwise, it may get sticky at lower temperatures.

No moisture!

A rightly placed 2 drops of water droplets is enough to ruin your gun. Also, moisture can build up inside your gun if you switch between cold and warm environments as well. When you have been shooting in cold for a while and then to a warm room, the condensed droplets will freeze the next day. This, in turn, may freeze the bolt or trigger mechanism. Moisture build-up is possible in scopes as well. Internal moisture is the rusting agent for any BSA air rifle and Daystate air rifles. Hence, you must be always take the necessary measures.

Keeping them dry

In cold weather, everything will be wet. If rifles are just wet due to rain, we can get back home and easily dry them up. But, things are different with snow; If you end up freezing your gun, then it is a hectic task. You would have to disassemble your rifle, clean every surface, and dry them up for good. It might take a couple of hours before you can enter the cold environment again.


  • Cover the bore whenever you can. This way, you can stop anything entering inside the rifle via bore. Even an electrical tape is enough.
  • Find a waterproof sleeve for your gun.
  • And don’t forget your hands, make sure they aren’t freezing. Appropriate gloves that are slip proof are suggested.