Tips for daycare Fundraising

Having the necessary funds to succeed as daycare is made possible when a daycare fundraising is done. We have come up with different tips that will make your daycare fundraising a success.  Be sure to visit Fundraising Zone for more tips and inspiration.

  1. Create a List

Before you announce the daycare fundraising, you need to write down the list of those that you think will make prospective donors. Who do you think would love to donate to a daycare? This is a question you should ask yourself. You can start by writing names of businesses, prominent people, and others that you think can help.

At this moment, you have to be creative in your thinking. Are there doctors, engineers, sports clubs and others in your neighborhood that can help? It won’t be a bad idea to create a long list of prospects. Don’t limit it to one or two. Those you think may not end up shocking you, and those that you think would may not come through.

  1. State the Fundraising Goal and Continue to Raise It

What is your goal? How much do you intend to raise? How do you intend to raise the money? These and more should be asked. When you have something to aim for, there is a great chance that you can easily succeed.

A lot of people tend to set their goals so high in a bid to ensure that even if they don’t get to that goal, they will get to the next best thing. No law states that you can’t decide to go back and increase your goal down the line. It is important that you don’t forget that you are raising for a cause that you fancy. Allow this push you to do much more, and you will be grateful. Remember that you are doing a daycare fundraising because you want those kids to have access to a better environment.

  1. Send out Hand Written Letters First, Before Emails

When people are carrying out daycare fundraising or any fundraising for that matter, they tend to send out emails immediately. Email may be very fast, but do you know that it doesn’t give that human touch that you want the potential donor to feel. To the donor, an email is merely machine words that are without emotions. They can easily turn down emails without stress. They can’t do the same to handwritten letters. These letters give off the personal touch, reminding the prospective donors that they are humans that need to help other humans.

If you can deliver the letters personally, do it. You want your prospective donors to know that kids are involved, and the daycare fundraising is focused on ensuring that the kids have a good foundation. There is hardly a human that won’t mind moving mountain for kids.

There is hardly any chance that the person would toss away the handwritten snail-mail letters into the trashcan before they read them.

Though everyone may have an email account, the truth remains that not every time checks it because they feel that it would be filled with spam messages from marketers.

After you have given them the handwritten letter, you can then use the email to follow up the handwritten letter to remind them about the daycare fundraising. Handwritten letters will soften their hearts, and the emails will remind them.

  1. Remember Why You Are Supporting This Cause.

It is advisable that you know why you are pursuing the cause. Why are you doing the daycare fundraising? What do you intend to achieve? Do you want to build bigger classrooms for the kids? Do you want them to have access to better books? What is inspiring you to go out of your way to raise the daycare fundraising? When you have come up with an answer, you can get others to share the inspiration too. Don’t forget your inspiration, and try to get it added to your fundraising efforts.

When you are trying to teach your fundraising goals, try and appeal to your prospective donor’s conscience. You can get this done by telling them about your inspiration. When they key into your inspiration, they won’t mind donating to your cause.