The Wonders Of QR Codes: 4 Benefits To Your F&B POS System

Businesses seek to thrive and succeed by reinventing their technological efforts and means. You will encounter someone devising a way to incorporate QR codes into their F&B POS system in Singapore to make everything seamless or hire an external provider or platform to handle online orders. In this article, our focus will be the former, which is the use of QR codes for a variety of operational needs: 


One of the most crucial aspects of running and managing a business is improving the customer service experience. For F&B enterprises, it can mean many things. One example is the accessibility of the menu for both online and restaurant clients. Imagine the efficiency of using QR codes because there is no need to hand out physical copies. The second one is when the self-ordering kiosk in Singapore asks for payment, which means there is no need to type details or memorise them because all it takes is one scan to finalise the transaction! 


The employees are the backbone of the business or the people behind the efficient operations and successes. First, one enticing reason to use QR codes for your POS hardwareand other technological tools is to increase employee productivity. An example is when you have transitioned from the manual listing of orders to a digitised one. Not only does it improve their productivity, but it also helps the business thrive in the advancing world. 


Compare the manual listing and typing of orders to using a QR code to finalise the transaction. Obviously, the latter wins this race because of how seamless and easy the process is and how it minimises the amount of time people spend. Envision incorporating this technology into your kitchen display system to seamlessly show the kitchen staff the next set of orders or to unify the invoices with the accounting and other financial files. 


People hate downloading apps in the middle of their tasks or suddenly pulling out their phones to wait in line because the point of sale of the restaurant in Singapore is not seamless. With a single QR code, all it takes is one scan using the camera, and then the desired link will open, such as the menu or the payment channel the customer will use. It minimises the hassle of downloading a separate application to finish the transaction. 

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