The secrets to a successful interior design: what you should know?

If you really go for it, reproducing the beautiful pictures from home decor magazines isn’t as easy as you might think. Indeed, it is not easy to prioritize aesthetics to the detriment of functionality and vice versa. This guide has some tips to help you get there.

Why is interior design important?

Interior design is more than just planning and designing living or functional spaces. It is often the difficult individual cases that present a challenge. But how do you deal with apartments in old buildings or unfavorable floor plans? It is precisely the unusual that creates the opportunity to create something special. With the right interior design tool, such as Foyr Neo, you manage to express your personality in the room.

Let in natural light

A design and a modern interior always favor natural light. To do this, install bay windows or patio doors. You can also separate the rooms with an inner roof. However, getting the lighting in your home right is just as important. It is recommended that you install the lights at the back of the room to highlight the volume once you light the room.

Decorative objects and accessories

Are you a real fan of DIY decoration and you are used to making or adapting your decorative objects yourself? Before you start buying decorative items and furniture, you need to carefully consider the available space. For small spaces, it is better to invest in minimal objects that add beauty and utility to your interior, such as: cushions, designer shelves, small decorative objects, etc. If space allows, add vintage-style mirrors, large vases, etc. Use an Interior Design Software and see your future project in 3D.

Prefer sober and neutral colors

Creating a focal point in each room by adding some elements that will immediately grab the eye’s attention and also should be sensible, is the basic formula in interior designing. A great piece of big wall painting could easily fulfill this rule. Imagine having your favorite painting on your home office wall or standing proudly above the deck in your home. Alternatively creating a gallery wall with modern Indian painting can easily spice up your office wall and also create a cozy feel. When choosing a wall art painting to create a focal point, size is more important. Customize your artwork according to the wall size from the trusted online art gallery, to find the latest style modern art online for your homespace.

In order to arrange your interior and have a successful home decor, it is not always necessary to use the services of an interior designer or an interior designer. You can upgrade your home by choosing the colors you want to use. For example, to add a touch of originality to your living room, you don’t have to go for a too bright color like orange or wallpaper with floral prints. Choose a neutral and restrained shade like gray or taupe that goes very well with interiors in Scandinavian or industrial style.

Adopt the minimalist style

All interior designers will tell you, “Less is always better”. In other words, avoid cluttering your interior with furniture that is too large. Also choose the size of your sofa and armchairs according to the size of your living room.





Playing with materials

Depending on your style, you can base your decoration on a single material or mix them to add a more contemporary touch to your interior. If you’re old-fashioned, wood is a great choice. It is a material that makes a room warm and cozy. For the floor, choose a modern material like quoted concrete or tile.

Install houseplants

Plants are the perfect accessory to brighten up a room. Prefer cacti and succulents that can easily find their place in any interior. Don’t hesitate to change the decor regularly with seasonal flowers.