The Power & Hidden Importance Of Eulogies During Funeral

The death of someone close to you, be it your relatives, an immediate family member, or a friend, can be one of the most impactful experiences. Apart from Singapore funeral traditions, it has the ability to converse, bring or break a family apart. Lives end twisted and transformed with the death of someone dear to them because no one can afford to lose the one closest to them. Death can cause grief, and grief can change lives.

Perhaps, it can be a grim reminder that nothing is permanent in the world we live in today, and the bond that we have with one another is one thing that matters the most apart from personal accomplishments and satisfactions. While choosing a casket or opting for funeral pre planning in Singapore matters, we like to entertain the idea that death becomes a state of permanence to a passing individual. But it leaves a scar and sometimes devastation that leaves shocked after the wake of death.

Eulogies As A Goodbye

Regardless of how difficult it can be to live with some, families become more vulnerable in the wake of a funeral. While we often think about saving money and opting for funeral arrangements in Singapore, the experience within us and our family during the send-off is that we focus for the most part. We often express the pain, angst and grief within us through eulogies.

Eulogies are more than just a tradition in Singapore funeral events and other wakes around the world. It is a heartfelt goodbye, an apology, unsung poetry for the deceased or a message that one has never heard until the funeral. It does bring more than tears to the eye. It is a shared speech about living and experiencing a person in our life, whether they have been taken so suddenly or have said their goodbyes, each one can be different to another. They are conveyed genuinely and sometimes creatively.

Eulogies are one of the most significant and vital components of funeral services. While getting a funeral director in Singapore and arranging a funeral is often part of the plan, we often express our genuine emotions during eulogies. The painful or grieving reflection often overrides the encompassing phase and stage of a funeral as we arrive at the realisation of life and how we live with the deceased’s loved ones. While one can simply define it as a way to honour the departed with the memory we have and share with them, it is also a way to express farewells and tributes.

Writing Eulogies – What You Need To Know


When writing eulogies, one must think of writing a speech like any other. There are no guidelines in writing one, unlike when one has to prepare for a funeral services package in Singapore. It is the only process that follows no system or order, and it is one of the most personal things we have between us and the deceased’s loved one. When you are writing with eulogy, here are a few common things to consider and cover:

Talk about memories.

It’s worth talking about memories that we are fond of when writing heart-warming eulogies. While the deceased may not be here anymore to be with us, the memories left that we have and shared with that person will stay with us and will never be forgotten. It is likely the ones that have an impact on your life the most.

Think about anecdotes.

While we often like to think about getting the right funeral services package in Singapore for the deceased, we often leave little to no room for anecdotes. Anecdotes can be written in a short yet amusing story about an incident that happened and can have a light-hearted tone with a natural sense of humour. It’s a formal thing to do to honour and give tribute and respect to the deceased.

Consider talking about personal achievements.

Another excellent way to pay tribute to the deceased is to cover the awards and personal achievements they reached and fulfilled throughout their life. It does not have to be long, but it can provide inspiring insight into their aspect of careers and success to share apart their personal life.

Put up some stories.

Detailed stories can bring a lot of emotion. It can make people smile or put their eyes to tears. It can also help them inspire or learn new things about the person you are talking about. Make sure that you use stories that will make an impact on your listeners.

Eulogies are a vital part of funeral arrangements and wake service. While it may be tricky to write, it serves a significant purpose in providing a meaningful and genuine reflection about the deceased person when their name comes to your mind.

It does not have to be lengthy and what matters is how you and your listeners feel when you recall those memories with the deceased. Eulogy always starts with the heart. It speaks about the acknowledgement and recognition of the life your loved one has lived.


While we are often busy with the thought of finding the right funeral services package for the deceased and preparing for the service, we can find closure and express what we feel through eulogies. Sharing thoughts and experiences during wake or graveside service can be a tasteful final send-off experience. It is the last gift we can bring to our dearest loved ones that have gone too soon.

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