The Match Scores and the Betting Deals


Of course, as the score of the match is favourable to you, the amount that you will be offered in cash-out will be higher than your bet. So it’s a good way to make money, which you might miss. With the 먹튀 sites you can go for the best deals.

  • This bookmaker offers a very wide choice of bets, sports are very numerous: football, tennis. Up to less media sports: golf, boxing, snooker etc.
  • Of course you can also bet on sports that are Olympic disciplines for summer games: horseback riding, wrestling, fencing, judo . etc. But also on the sports present at the Olympic Winter Games: skiing, snowboarding, biathlon, ice hockey, bobsleighs, curling . etc.
  • So you have a wide choice of available sports available either in pre-match betting or when you bet live.
  • On Zebet the number of competitions available is also very consistent.

You will not be surprised if I tell you that you can bet on all the biggest football competitions: the Champions League, the Europa League, the World Cup, the Euro, the Ligule 1, the Premier League, the Series A. But on Zebet you can bet on championships and national cups more confidential. In short you will necessarily find the football bet that will please you.

Of course the other sports are not left out. Since in tennis you can bet on the Grand Slam tournaments: Roland Garros, Wimbledon but also the Australian Open and the US Open. The offer of tennis is wide at Zebet since you can also bet on the Davis Cup, the Fed Cup and the ATP and WTA tournaments.

US sports are also very present on Zebet. So if you are fans of NBA (basketball), NHL (Ice Hockey), NFL (American football), or even baseball; you’ll find your happiness.

Features of the site

On Zebet you will have many different types of bets available for an event. Of course you can bet on the winner of a match, or more or less points (or goals) but not only. So you will have many m-time bets available, bets on scorers, betting handicaps. In short you are spoiled for choice among the 70, 80 types of bets available for a match.

The level of odds is also a pleasant surprise for you sports bettor. Indeed compared to its launch, Zebet has not badly raised the level of the proposed odds. At this level the bookmaker is catching up slowly.

Last Words

On this side, ZeBet is in the position of a very ambitious site on the sports betting market in France. The bookmaker is trying to attract you is rather normal. And you as a good bettor, you would be wrong to deprive you of Zebet and his welcome bonus. The welcome bonus at Zebet is a total of 150 euros. Previously it was very interesting but unfortunately it was quite complex because it worked by palliate. Today the Zebet bonus is much simpler, especially it’s a double bonus.