Secure Your Iot Devices With Effective Iot Pentest

IoT, or the Internet of Things, is a network of physical objects embedded with network connectivity and software. These objects include anything from devices to vehicles and buildings. According to an estimate, more than 50 billion devices across the globe will be connected with the internet by the year 2030. But with convenience comes a little bit of risk too. 

Business organisations around the world are facing the threat of their IoT systems getting breached by hackers. That is why IoT pentest is conducted to identify any vulnerable components in your IoT devices, applications, APIs, and hardware systems. A properly managed penetrating testing would demonstrate potential attacks that may impact your business, and provide security to your devices, applications and infrastructure.

Types of Testing

  • Security testing of IoT device
  • Security testing of IoT device network services
  • Security testing of IoT device applications
  • Security testing of IoT cloud web 
  • Security testing of IoT device firmware
  • Security testing of wireless protocol

Importance of Testing

While using IoT, most organisations do not realise that the ‘things’ that they are connecting may not be equipped with security features important for their data. IoT can ease connectivity, due to which a variety of hackers can attack the system and steal confidential data. At such times, the network fails to identify all the ‘things’ connected with the system, and the communicating systems give easy access to hackers. That is why it is so important to secure your IoT infrastructure and keep your information protected. This is where testing of your IoT system is so important.

The IoT pentest designed by Security for Everyone focuses on deep inspection of your hardware components, and effectively reveal your security vulnerabilities before a real hacker takes their advantage.