Read to know how Duggout offer intriguing prizes through leaderboard

In recent times of ever-growing and ever-evolving technology, the demand for enjoying our lives while playing games online is increasing each and every day. Most of us love the idea of winning some real cash while playing some exciting games. In this regard, Duggout is a very popular name that can offer you something special than the other online gaming sites. So, let’s dig into dipper to know some amazing facts about this unique online gaming site.

What is Duggout?

It is a Fantasy Cricket app that is 100% genuine, just like GetMega app, and has already given out thousands or more than that winnings to its users. It is a special platform where you can earn some real money only by joining some paid leagues and winning some matches. Though it works similar to the other fantasy sports app in India, it has a special sponsorship program to help out the players. So, the players can win easily as they have to face less competition.

Some exciting features of Duggout

On this fantasy portal, you can earn not only play and win but also invite your friends and play with you. It is a platform where anyone can show their real cricket skills. As it offers real cash, you need to complete the KYC procedure in order to withdraw the winning amount into your bank account or Paytm wallet prizes just like the GetMega app.

Another feature is that you can easily choose three players as the star players such as Platinum, Gold, and Silver. In this way, you can easily earn some more points by choosing the best players. 

In the other types of fantasy cricket platforms, winning real cash seems to be really difficult. However, this special fantasy cricket app, known as Duggout, can offer you more chances to win while using the same theme and rules. So, just like the GetMega app, winning prizes becomes child’s play with the help of this app. All three models are very famous and are loved by numerous people in India. The special gaming site, Duggout, is based on batting and bowling, which is the most important part of any cricket strategy.

The intriguing prizes offered by Duggout

  • You can easily sign up with only 50 Rupees and complete the profile. 
  • There are some mini-contests that start from Rs. 5; you can also sign up through your Facebook or Gmail account. 
  • You can also earn near about 1000 Rupees just by sharing your referral code with your friends and relatives.
  • There are also some exciting cashback offers for the first deposit. You can also get some free bonus money through both weekly and monthly leaderboards.
  • The bonus is 100% usable in any type of contest with 10 or more users.

How to refer Duggout and earn?

As mentioned above, you can get bonus money by referring your link to your friends with the steps like:

First of all, go to the website or app of Duggout. Then, find the section showing Refer and Earn.  You can use the referral link to share with your friends. When your friends start playing games on Duggout, you will get 10% of the deposit money of your friend in official leagues for the first month.  You will get the bonus money once the league is full and the match is complete.

So, you can win a good amount of money in an easier way through some really good combinations. Know more here.

Hence, it is a fact that, just like GetMega, Duggout is another unique app that can offer its users some incredible prizes and provide them with some real-life gaming experiences.