Perfect Management Process with the CRM

To optimize customer relationships, it is necessary to understand that the activities of the company’s commercial department should not be limited to organizing and stimulating sales, but should also include issues of after-sales service, service all that makes the client loyal to the company. Moreover, in a number of activities, when it comes to integrated deliveries, tenders, and projects, selling by itself is a rare type of interaction. 

Therefore, it is especially important to take into account all types of interaction, which requires tracking all phone calls, applications, meetings with a potential client, all letters sent to him and sent to him, complaints and wishes received, that is, the whole range of actions carried out in organizing sales and after-sales services. The use of the free crm software can really do miracle there.

The Present Requirements

Currently, to attract and retain customers, the main tools are massive advertising and the presentation of a variety of discounts when making purchases. However, the experience of economically developed countries shows that direct advertising, mailings and other marketing campaigns conducted without taking into account individual preferences of consumers, in the end, lead to a significant increase in expenses for advertising purposes and, consequently, to an increase in the cost of products in general. So, for example, the characteristic percentage of positive responses to direct mailing of commercial offers usually does not exceed two percent. Various types of cumulative discounts also do not always turn out to be a tool sufficient to maintain a high level of customer loyalty in lead generation business.

  • High costs and low effectiveness of advertising usually result from the fact that it was aimed at the wrong audience or used the wrong advertising media. The quality of marketing research largely depends on the availability of necessary information about:

Who are the company’s customers specifically?

Which advertising media customers respond better to:

How much customers are satisfied with the current relationship with the company and what specifically they are not comfortable with in its work.

In general, in order to increase the effectiveness of marketing companies, an enterprise marketing service should identify:

  1. consumer groups of company products;
  2. current and future needs of various consumer groups in specific types of products;
  3. estimated volumes of purchases of products by various groups of consumers at given prices;
  4. the company’s main competitors in the market;
  5. market advantages of the company compared to competitors;
  6. the goals that the company should strive for and the strategy for their achievement.

Solving these problems also requires the continuous collection and processing of significant amounts of factual information on customer relationships. Such information often cannot be obtained from one-time marketing research. So, for example, a potential consumer may indicate in the questionnaire that he is a potential consumer of a Mercedes car, as he really can afford it. The entire part of faculty information management is also handles with it.

However, outside the questionnaire there will be information that “on duty” he uses a company car of a different brand. As a result, distorted (in this case, overestimated) ideas about the assessment of demand for Mercedes can be obtained. If information about real sales and contacts with customers is constantly accumulating, then an analysis of this information base can show the number of customers who are really interested in buying such a machine, their purchase plans, wishes for configuration, etc. This information will significantly more objectively reflect the demand for goods and services of the company.

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