No Fake Reviews and The Right Earning Direction

Buying fake Google reviews is not a good idea. As tempting as it may sound to quickly gain a good image and an attractive online reputation, the practice turns out to be far too risky.

The First Step

First of all, the practice biases the perception of the customer and will make him buy a product or a service that will ultimately not meet his expectations. In fact, the newly acquired customer will in turn leave an opinion, the latter most certainly negative. In addition, Google and review platforms will quickly detect your strategy by finding the profile used, and therefore your identity. Such an attempt exposed in full view of all will bring a severe blow to your image and be the cause of a bad buzz.

Finally, as previously mentioned, buying false reviews is prohibited by law as it is considered a deceptive business practice. If justice catches up with you, the financial and legal repercussions can quickly put you out of business. From SeanAbbott you will be getting all the information through his reviews about the Evergreen Wealth Formula. His site is the perfect place to know about the reviews.


What penalties for buying fake reviews?

The game is clearly not worth the candle, if some have even made it their business, the consequences have been dramatic for their business.

Can you dispute a Google review?

Yes and no. While all reviews published online can be challenged, it is important to know which of them are actually questionable. You cannot, in fact, base the dispute or deletion of a review for the simple reason that you do not like it. To be challenged, this notice must go against the rules established by Google. If this is the case, then yes, you will be able to dispute the notice in question and request its removal from the American giant. 

True or false Google review, how to recognize them? 

Have common sense

Even if the fight against false opinions is progressing and the penalties are becoming increasingly severe, everyone must bear their cross to fight against this scourge. But the task is not always easy. Before you dispute a search engine review , you need to use your common sense to distinguish the true from the false. You have certainly come across fake reviews when searching for articles online. Hopefully, your sagacity will have enabled you to flush out the false information and spot the deception. To avoid getting trapped, be aware that there are a number of things that can put you on your toes.

Some tips for recognizing fake Google reviews

We mentioned it at the beginning of the article, whether it is by the length of the opinion, by its level of language, its singularity, the negativity of its content or by its similarity with a neighboring comment, you will be able to detect false reviews not from your customers.