My Experience with a Corporate Videographer in Singapore

One of the best ways to spread the word about a company is by using social media to your advantage. This tip is why I knew we’d need a videographer from Singapore when my company announced that we would be having a conference event to show off one of our newest products. After all, we’ll be able to post clips of the footage of our big event, which could generate more leads and give us a wider audience and consumer base. With that in mind, I knew I had to look for a good videography company. Here is our experience with working with professional videographers.

Looking for the Best Videographer in Singapore

The first step I needed was to research and figure out which videography company we’ll take on for the event. Since we’ll be posting the footage on our social media sites, we need corporate videography services in Singapore that are high-quality and eye-catching. Here are the tips I used during my search:

  • The first thing I did was look through reviews. Many other businesses are willing to share their experiences with videographers, so I compiled a list of corporate videography services in Singapore using these recommendations. It’s even better if the businesses showed the footage provided to them by the company.
  • I looked through their portfolios and checked if their videography styles matched our company’s. We had a more understated and classical aesthetic, so I avoided companies that produced content that failed to reach that, such as those who did avant-garde work.
  • I looked at their specialities. There are many event photography services in Singapore, but I needed a company with corporate events experience.

Working With a Videography Company

Once I picked and hired the most suitable videographer company in Singapore for our project, I wanted to ensure that our work process would be smooth sailing. By ensuring there are always windows of opportunity to communicate with each other clearly, we avoided many potential issues and saved both parties from a lot of stress. If you ever need to work with videographers for a corporate event, here are a couple of tips to keep in mind:

  • During our first conversation, we clarified what we wanted for our event. Since it was a product unveiling, we wanted to keep the footage we’d create for future use. At the same time, we wished for our audience to witness the unveiling live. Luckily, this company did live streaming events, so audiences will be able to see the product in real-time while we can keep the footage.
  • I also created a timeline, which helped us prepare for the big day and edit the footage after the event. Time management is essential for both parties, so it’s good to have a videographer company in Singapore that’s known to be sharp with deadlines.

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