Kids Wardrobe buys of the year!

From the day your daughter was born, we bet you vowed to keep her like a princess. From getting the best onesies to cute little frocks or pretty dresses, you’ve done everything that a parent will. But now that your little girl is growing, you need to keep up with the fashion. So instead of having her wear frilly frocks and cartoon-printed dresses, upgrade her fashion with smart choices. 

It’s time you buy a girls blazer for your daughter, which is the best way to revamp her entire style. Girls’ blazers look really smart when worn over a simple T-shirt and jeans. You don’t have to go all formal with it, because girls’ blazers are available in pop colours and amazing prints. 

If you want to experiment with her style, you can make her wear a printed girls blazer over her white dress. The blazer can be a perfect replacement for her denim jacket, which she has probably been wearing for a long time. Single-breasted blazers are an intelligent choice for your girl with an inner diva, waiting to jump out with the right fashion choice. 

Apart from the girls’ blazer, you can get your little girl other basic yet smart clothing items to keep her sophisticated yet elegant in her style.

  1. Flattering pair of jeans: Jeans are the basic clothing item your daughter must-have. Be it play dates or a casual outing; jeans are the perfect outfit she can wear to be comfortable. Jeans are always trendy and fashionable, just spruce it up with different tops and tees, and she’s good to go.
  2. Tops and tees: From a basic white and black T-shirt to polos to cute tops, different stock varieties in your girl’s wardrobe. When you’re sticking to basic T-shirts, experiment with different colours and necklines. You can choose trendy tops such as halterneck, off-shoulder, cold-shoulder and even tube tops that can be reserved for special occasions.
  3. Bottoms: All those cute tops and tees you bought for her can be paired with stylish yet comfortable bottoms. For loungewear, stick to joggers and harem pants. Trendy bottoms such as midi and mini skirts, leggings and embellished shorts should be your options too when you want to get her a quick upgrade for an outing.
  4. Footwear: She can’t be wearing her sneakers to every occasion. Switch up her footwear choice by getting her ballet flats, which are comfortable and yet look chic for a day out. They are super comfortable than heels and look good with cute dresses and stylish jeans. You can stick to colours such as nude and black because they go with all colours.
  5. A cute bag: You can invest in a cute little bag for your daughter that can fit all her essential belongings, such as a water bottle, snacks or anything else, whenever she goes out. Instead of a handbag, choose trendy backpacks which are available in amazing colours and prints. Embellished backpacks are also raging lately, making it a perfect option to carry at parties.

Invest in these basic yet stylish wardrobes buys of the year for your child.