Importance Of Always-On Videos

Video is the most effective tool on the planet, and corporate video production is your ticket to making it happen if you’re in the company. Corporate videos have a bad reputation for being dull. Still, they can also be some of the most engaging videos you’ll see online, with the ability to not only inform but also educate, entertain, and encourage audiences to take action.

What is corporate video production?

Corporate video production is the end-to-end phase of a Event Production Crew orlando fl, organization, or entity producing a professional video for external or internal audiences. Content can be used for promotional videos and video marketing, as well as recruitment videos, learning and development (L&D), and sales.

Businesses have been inspired to use video in ever-new and exciting ways as video adoption has exploded across the internet, especially on social media. Organizational functions are using entertaining, effective organizational videos to change the way teams interact, from sales and marketing to strategic relations, training, and human resources.

Why is it important to start with a video to get your message across?

Going video-first means placing video at the centre of your content and messaging strategy to engage your target audience completely. Because let’s face it, video is the most efficient way to send and receive key messages both internally and externally – so if information effectiveness is your target, video is the only way to go.

More video content from brands is desired by 85 percent of customers.

After Google, YouTube is the second most popular website.

Fifty-nine percent of executives prefer to watch a video rather than read text.

Every day, Facebook receives over 8 billion video views.

Product videos are said to be helpful in the decision-making process by 90% of consumers.

If time, money, and budget were not constraints, 83 percent of marketers would increase their use of video as a tactic.

Why are companies moving away from conventional video and toward ‘always-on’ video?

Hero content is all in the world of conventional corporate filmmaking. You know what we’re talking about: multi-million dollar ad buys for big-ticket events like brand promotions or product launches (let alone commercial video production). Sure, these mass executions have a position in brand strategies, but, depending on the objectives, they aren’t the only way to produce professional videography content that gets results.

If the videos you’re making are for external customers like potential clients or internal workers, the majority of companies’ ambitions these days revolve heavily around digital. The expectation has been set – brands must have ever-increasing quantities of video to please their customers as heavyweights like Google and Facebook continue to prioritize all things video.

But, with limited resources, how do you make more video? The response is a video that is always on.