How To Prevent Internet Connection Problems During Video Live Streaming?

One of the primary challenges of live streaming in Singapore is a poor internet connection. It causes the video live streaming to buffer for a few seconds and even disconnects people from live video conferencing. Internet issues don’t choose time or location. Fortunately, these problems are preventable.

Here are some tips to prevent internet problems before and during live video conferencing in Singapore:

1.  Ethernet-dedicated internet access

People use ethernet and the internet interchangeably, but these two terms are different.

The internet is a network that connects all users around the world.

The ethernet is a local network that connects selected and limited users in the area.

For example, office A has an ethernet connection in the building. People in office A can communicate with each other but not with the people in office B who have not connected to office A ethernet network. To communicate with office B, office A has to use the internet, a much vast and more public network.

Ethernet is more secure, reliable, and faster than the internet network, perfect for a seamless webinar in Singapore.

2.  Test your internet connection before the event

When using your regular Wi-Fi connection and 5G network, test their Mbps upload capacity beforehand. High-resolution videos need at least more than 10 Mbps upload bandwidth.

If you really want seamless live streaming in Singapore, your upload bandwidth must be 15.8 Mbps and above.

3.  Use heavy-duty hardware

Unreliable hardware is also a culprit for buffering video conferencing in Singapore.

Besides improving the quality of video it produces, advanced and new graphics cards also load high-resolution videos much faster, without ruining the quality.

If your computer or laptop maxes its CPU usage, it will buffer your video live streaming.

4.  Use multi-bitrate streaming

Multi-bitrate streaming allows you to video live stream in different qualities. For example, your video live streaming can have 480p and 1080p video resolutions. Hence, people with a slow internet connection can still watch the live video in 480p.

Follow these tips and have a smooth sailing video conferencing in Singapore.

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