How to Choose the Right Chandelier Lights for Each Room

The Key Info You Need for Your Indoor Lighting

When designing your home with lights, it is essential to take into consideration the results you would like to achieve both as a whole and for each room, including transit areas such as corridors and stairways. Each environment has particular needs and characteristics that can not be satisfied by applying identical solutions. This is why in the planning phase, you must choose the best chandelier lights for each space and consider the overall path. The harmony of your lighting choices must be lived as a whole, but that doesn’t mean that the points of light should be the same.

The living area needs more intense light sources, while other rooms need a much softer light. For the sleeping area, however, the considerations to be made are the opposite because your goal is to create a comfortable and relaxing environment. Passageways must have more intense lighting, because they generally lack in natural light.

Design lamps for living area

The living area generally includes a living room, a dining room, and a kitchen. Older houses tend to have these rooms divided into two or three different environments. The most modern houses have almost completely abolished this subdivision in favor of open spaces, which offer the feeling of wider areas at home and stimulate sharing among all members of a family. Depending on the morphology of the living area, you can opt for different lighting choices to better enhance the natural light sources and the furnishings.

The lights in the living room are better to be dimmable and adjustable in intensity. This is to ensure a different indoor lighting depending on the activity that is taking place in that room. The convivial moments require a more intense light, those of relaxation instead softer lights. In general, to brighten up the living room you need several light points: a main one that involves the room in its entirety, a chandelier floor lamp that offers an ad-hoc beam – better if adjustable for reading-, one or more smaller light points as a chandelier table lamp or crystal floor lamp to create more relaxed atmospheres. In the kitchen, on the other hand, it is important to consider the position of the counter and cooking surfaces. You should use very bright beams that make it easy to carry out culinary activities. The trends for the dining room are almost all oriented to the installation of pendant lamps that overhang the table and give the right light to your guests. There are also those who dispose two or more floor standing lamps on the sides of the table, but never as a single source of light.

Design lamps for the sleeping area

The bedroom must be a relaxing and comfortable place. This is the main reason why interior design lighting trends are oriented towards warm and lights with an adjustable intensity. Next to the main light which generally consists of a ceiling light, you can create a discrete lighting with at least two light sources to be fitted to the bedside tables. Other trendy solutions in recent years include the installation of strips and LED bars, but this style lends mostly towards a contemporary and modern style. Particularly interesting are some designer crystal floor lamps that are proposed precisely for the lighting of the sleeping area, and which can create a surprising effect.

Design lamps for entry

The most neglected environments, such as the entrance or a corridor, offer the best performance for a designer lamp. In general, the absence of accessories and furnishings allows the lamp to stand out more firmly and to leave your guests surprised. There are several models of table design lamps that are perfectly suited to this purpose, like the ones produced by Showsun Lighting. Beautiful lamps such as these can transform an anonymous space – like the entrance of a house – in a very special environment. Showsun Lighting is a leading large-scale engineering custom factory specialized in indoor lighting. On their website you can order the ceiling lights of your dreams and they will make them for you in record time. Have a look at their beautiful crystal hanging lights, large chandeliers, and other chandelier lights.They’re absolutely worth your money and attention.