How Should You Prepare Yourself for a Pap Smear?

Life is unpredictable and no one knows what he is she has to undergo. Medical conditions come and go at every stage. Some conditions are dangerous and need proper attention on time. Cervical cancer is one of these medical complications for females. South Charleston pap smear is an examination of vaginal cells for the growth of any abnormalities in the uterus and its surrounding areas. It can be done at any age and takes about a few minutes. Most females have fears and anxieties before going to the doctor’s clinic for this test.

Steps to be taken for an accurate test

The report of the test depends on several factors. Your doctor should be able to give you details on the things to do and not to do before you visit him for the test. Some of these steps are elaborated on below:

Avoid clashing the test date with your period 

If you are aware of the upcoming period date, it is suggested not to take the test date on the same day. If periods are irregular and you get them on the test date, you can ask your doctor to reschedule it. If you want to get an accurate test report, get it done on a period-free day. It will benefit both the doctor and the patient.

Avoid intercourse

If you are sexually involved with a partner, you should avoid intercourse two days before the test date. This way, the report will be accurate and give a clear idea of the condition of your reproductive organs.

Avoid douching, touching and washing  

It is a good idea to keep your vagina clean always. However, you should not wash or touch it intensively because it may wash away the abnormal cells, which may prove to be potential for doctors to examine for any abnormalities. Try to touch or vagina minimally so that the report is accurate.

Wear easy clothes when you visit the doctor

You will have to remove your clothes and innerwear at the time of the test. You might be anxious already and wearing tight panties and leggings may make the entire procedure more complex. It is always suggested to wear something comfortable, which can be removed without any hassles. You may or may not prefer grooming as it is your choice. Just be relaxed because your doctor is aware of everything. 

Don’t panic at and before the time of the test. It will help everyone involved in the clinic.