Harnessing The Power of Flowering Plants For Better Health

Flowering plants are breathtakingly beautiful with a sense-uplifting aroma. Because of their tenderness, symbolism, and heart-stealing appeal; flowers are cherished with heart and soul. It’s time to adore flowers even more because they tend to enhance the physical and mental of the person. Have vases of flowers in your bedroom or nurture a balcony of flowering plants, you are going to embrace the best of wellbeing.

The health benefits of having flowers and flowering plants in your surroundings are:

  • Feel a Breath of Fresh Air: The AQI levels indoors are as bad as it is outdoors. Therefore, you need to do something about the rising pollution levels in your house from the dust, chemical-induced paints and varnishes, carpets and other synthetic materials. Bring in flowering plants like Peace-Lily, Camellia, and Chrysanthemum for clean and fresh air. When you breathe oxygen; you eliminate the risk of developing respiratory problems and protecting the lungs from getting damaged.

  • Lower Cortisol Levels: Stress is quite common nowadays. Even a child is exposed to certain kinds of physical or mental stress. There are medications, but natural ways like exercising, doing meditation, spending time outdoors, and having flowering plants or flowers have proven to me more effective than the former. The sight of fresh and bright flowers instantly energizes and boosts the mood. The pleasing smell triggers the brain to release happy hormones. Send flowers through online flower delivery to show your care and support to mental health victims and survivors.

  • A Cure To Insomnia: Stress is a harbinger of other diseases, one of them is sleep problems. Majority of people complain about insomnia, sleep apnea, and other health issues. Restful night slumber is very important for salubrious health. Keep by your bedside a vase of fragrant flowers like Roses, Jasmine, Gerberas or any other to fall asleep quickly. The scent will calm the brain nerves helping you to slip into sleep mode.

  • Medicinal Properties: In Ayurveda and herbal science, flowers are the powerful source for remedies and medical recipes. Flower oils are used to nourish various types of skin and hair issues. Like, Hibiscus is potent for dead hair, Rose oil and water is good for skin, Marigolds for hiccups, Peonies and sunflowers for inflammation.

  • Strengthens The Immunity: Immunity acts as a warrior to the disease causing pathogens and bacteria. If your immunity is strong, your body can fight any disease. Having a strong immunity is even more important when we are battling pandemic-like situations. So, concoctions or use of edible flowers in cooking like Lavender, Elderberry, Mint are excellent tonic for immunity boost.
  • Increased Productivity: Working from home can be tiring and monotonous. When you do feel innately bored, your productivity decreases. To boost concentration and enhance your productivity; you can have flowers and plants in your home office or on your workstation.

Health benefits of flowering plants are backed by science and experience. Do have as many colourful flowers around you as you can for a healthy and fulfilling life.