Four easy techniques to trade the lower time frame

A lower time frame trading strategy is always considered as the riskiest strategy in the Forex market. Those who have extensive experience in the investment business often fail to make a profit in the lower time frame. You might be wondering why the pro-Aussie traders are trading the lower time frame whereas they can make consistent profit by using the position trading method. But things are not as easy as it seems in the trading business. The moment you consider trading as your fulltime profession, it the very moment you get tons of responsibility. If you can manage to secure a quick profit from this market, you can easily lead your dream life.

This article is going to change the life of the new investors. If you can follow four simple steps, you can scalp the market like a pro trader.

Step 1, trade with the trend

Being scalper, you must trade with the trend. If you trade against the major trend,  the chances are high you will lose most of the trades. Sadly, the new traders in Australia don’t even know the perfect way to find a trend. To find the trend of the market, you need to analyze the daily or weekly time frame. Daily time frame trading is extremely boring but you are noting using it to execute the trade. Find the market trend in the bigger picture so that you can speculate your trade setup in favor of the trend. Many people have significantly improved their trading performance just by using this simple rule.

Step 2, trade with a high-end broker

Choosing a high-end broker in the options trading industry is very crucial to your success. The elite traders always prefer to scalp the market with Saxo because they offer a robust trading platform. Most importantly, you will have free access to premium tools. By using the advanced tools you can easily find high-quality trade setups and make a decent profit from this market. So think twice before you execute any trade and try to find the high-end broker. If you trade the market with a low-end broker, you might even get scammed. Most importantly, you will not be able to scalp the market when the market is volatility is high. So, proceed carefully and find a high-end broker.

Step 3, the risk-reward ratio

New traders often think the risk-reward ratio doesn’t have anything to do with their scalping method. However, without following a proper risk-reward ratio in each trade, it’s very hard to make a profit. Most of the naïve traders are losing money since they don’t know the importance of the risk-reward ratio. Make sure the winners are always bigger than the losers. Try to find trades with a 1:3+ risk-reward ratio since it will help you to make better decisions in each trade. Forget about the complex trading method and try to create a simple strategy so that you can make a profit at any market condition. Never trade the market with a negative risk-reward ratio.

Step 4, stop trading the news

If you want to scalp the market, you must not trade the major news. Trading the major news is entirely risky and most of the time, the retail traders lose a big portion of their investment. To make your life better you must trade the market with proper discipline. Think twice before you execute any trade. Forget about the complex trading method and focus on long term goals. Once you start to understand the complex nature of this market, you might feel the urge to trade high impact news. This is where you need to gain control over the emotions. You need to find a stable market or else scalping will result in a big loss. Follow these steps properly and you will become a successful trader.