Finding Your Start in Esports Betting

One of the fastest growing sporting markets in the world is undoubtably in esports – changing attitudes towards to gaming have allowed for a growing audience to make the shift, and with accessibility being so easy as livestreaming has allowed for free access, it has meant esports betting can be allowed to grow with relative ease alongside the success in esports as a whole – but for new viewers and those participating for the first time, it may be difficult to know where to start – so what are the best options for finding your start in esports betting?

All of the events, big and small – One of the bigger benefits for esports is that there are a huge number of events, from the major options supported by the game developers and official organisations to the smaller community run events that can vary massively in both size and scale. With so many events on offer, fans can tune in to a huge number of games throughout the year for whichever title they follow, alongside regular season play that often runs alongside, and offers much more than many regular sporting events do. As more popular esports titles become available too, this number of events will continue to grow and become amongst the more popular offerings.

A wide variety of games too ­– Whilst the events play a big role in finding your start for esports betting, the number of games is certainly important too. The big three in Counter-Strike, DotA2, and League of Legends make up a huge bulk of viewership and betting options, but many more games are quickly becoming available and growing too as even more familiarity through titles like FIFA have recently become available. Not only does this allow you to find a title that fits your own niche and interests, but also to add more to bolster the roster of games and events to spectate and bet on.

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A wide net for international competition – One of the bigger drawbacks for traditional sporting events has always been within international competition as it comes regularly, but not as often as many would hope – and this is an area in which esports certainly comes out on top. With international competition often occurring multiple times throughout the year for many esports titles, not only does it bring many audiences together, but it also allows for regions to show where certain strengths may lay, and with international events typically being much bigger than regional events, it brings many more eyes to the growing sport space.