Express T Shirt Printing In Singapore: How To Design A Corporate T Shirt?

A business is never simple to run, regardless of its size. After all, you have a lot of responsibilities, including promoting your goods and services to your potential customers. While it is true that digital marketing is relatively cheaper than traditional marketing, there is another and more affordable option to promote your niche—corporate workwear. Letting your employees wear t shirt uniforms with quality printing of your company logo and tagline in Singapore is a great way to raise brand awareness.

Part I: What Is Corporate Workwear?

Corporate workwear refers to the uniforms that your employees have to wear at work. That way, when a potential customer comes in at your brick-and-mortar store, they will know soon who they should ask if they have any questions about your company, products or services.

Your employees wearing t shirt uniforms with quality printing of your company logo and tagline also helps them feel part of the same team. None of your employees will feel that they are left behind. In the long run, you will notice that corporate workwear can help improve the sense of camaraderie and employees’ productivity.

If you want to obtain the benefits of corporate workwear, you better start designing one so your employees can wear it at work.

Part II: 7 Express Printing Tips For Designing A Corporate T Shirt

1. Define Your Budget And Quantity

Before you become anxious about the design of your corporate workwear, you have to settle your budget for the express printing service in Singapore. After all, it is not free to print customised shirts.

The overall costs highly depend on the design, quality, and type of t shirt printing you want for your company in Singapore that matches your brand identity.

Ideally, the average cost of printing 30 customised shirts would cost you S$9.50, and that would become S$7.20 if you order 100 pieces. As you have noticed, the higher the quantity, the cheaper the printing fee is per piece.

2. Know Your Printing Options

As mentioned above, the type of printing you choose for your corporate workwear determines the overall costs. In that case, you better become familiar with the printing options, so you will know which one is best for your budget and preference.

Below are the express printing options available.

●    Screen Printing

●    Vinyl Graphics

  • It is another printing method that involves transferring the design to the garment, but instead of ink, it uses durable vinyl.

●    Direct-To-Garment (Or Print-On-Demand)

  • DTG is a newer express printing method that uses an inkjet to print prints directly on the fabric material.

●    Dye Sublimation

  • This express printing method is great for light fabric material where you can print huge designs and layouts.

3. Mind The Types Of T Shirt

Apart from knowing the express printing options in Singapore, you should also know there are several types of shirts you can choose as the corporate workwear of your company.


4. Choose Your Colours Wisely

You have to since the colour scheme you choose can make or break the impression of people looking at the corporate workwear that your employees will be wearing at your brick-and-mortar store or outside.

In that case, guarantee to choose colours that match your brand identity. For example, if you own a gasoline station like Shell, the colours of your corporate workwear and the prints will be red or yellow.


5. Size Matters

When it comes to sizes of printing customised shirts, it refers to many things, print size, image file size, resolutions, and wearer sizes. Here are the differences between these sizes.

●    Print Size

  • It describes the layout size, design, and logo when printed on clothing.


●    Image File Size

  • It represents how much space an image file occupies on a disc and is a reliable quality indicator. The quality is typically greater the larger the size, but some express printing services in Singapore may have a maximum size requirement.

●    Resolution

  • When it comes to resolution, it refers to the image quality. The lower the resolution is, the blurrier the image quality is. The image resolution should be at least 330 PPI to guarantee the final print is not blurry.

●    Wearer Size

  • Since everyone has a different body shape, weight, and height, you can expect the size of your employees to be different from one another. Opting for one-size-fit all size is recommended if you want to prioritise the comfort of your employees.


6. Words Are Not Enough, The Format Too.

Since words have limitations when conveying a message, be smart with your delivery. That is where the typography will come in. The type of typography you will choose for the express printing service in Singapore helps determine the seriousness of the message written or printed on corporate workwear.

Here are your options

  • Cartoon-style – bubbly personality
  • Sophisticated swirls, a type of scripted writing – Elegant vibes
  • Bold, straight letters – to make a statement

7. Get The Placement Right

The last thing you need to take note of when designing your corporate workwear is placement. If you place the design or layout in the right place, most people will not see it soon. They have to move their heads up and down to see it.


Do You Have Any Questions?

Designing t shirt uniforms with quality printing of your company logo and tagline in Singapore might be challenging due to the technicalities of the design process. But if you have done everything correctly, it will be worth it.

Contact Express Printing at +65 9892 6924 or leave a message on their website if you have questions about their same day printing service in Singapore or need help designing your corporate workwear.