Everything to Know about Drone Filming

If at first drones were futuristic and flying remote-controlled cars, today they have become great companions for filming or taking aerial pictures. YouTube and Facebook are full of original videos made with a drone. How to do the same? Follow the guide to become a pro. Immediate take-off!

Choose a Full HD or 4K Camera

The first criterion to take into account before embarking on filming with a drone is of course the quality of the image. Today there are different devices for all tastes and budgets. You can opt for a model that already has a camera or add your camera with an integrated support. The second solution allows you, for example, to change the video quality of your drone without changing it. Opt for a full HD or 4K camera like the professional you can find on https://www.hosiho.net/en/operator/27-airbuzz.html.

In terms of resolution, full HD ensures sufficient quality for social networks. If you want to watch your videos on a big screen, choose a 4K resolution which will ensure you a detailed image whatever the situation.

The Dedicated Remote Control is a Real Asset!

Most drones can be controlled via your smartphone. In Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, this control mode only offers you a few hundred meters of guidance. Opt for a dedicated remote control that offers several kilometers of range. You can fly your drone without risking losing the connection and without moving from your station.

Shooting: Use Auto Modes at the Start!

Filming with a drone cannot be improvised, especially in manual mode. You need a good practice of piloting to succeed in high-level videos. So, practice handling your device at the start before you start. If you are a beginner, do not worry, drone manufacturers have planned everything thanks to automatic modes. Its smart modes mostly use your phone’s GPS signal, facial or gesture recognition. These modes allow you to strike a pose with the other “extras”. Convenient, isn’t it? And your drone does not just stand still, it varies field values, altitude, distance, etc. All automatically! A real flying director!

Consult the Rules that Apply to Drone Piloting

Flying your drone is strictly regulated by law. While it is forbidden to film crowds or even to fly over them, there are of course areas where it is possible to indulge in the joys of piloting. In addition to these rules, here are some common-sense tips before setting off with your drone. Always keep the aircraft in sight. This will prevent you from rear collisions or ending its course in the branches of a tree that you would not have seen.