Easy Tax Filing Options Now Open for You

During an annual financial year by companies operating, the company must make a declaration and pay its IS on fixed dates. The corporate tax can be increased by the social contribution.

In the context of the coronavirus crisis, the government has announced new measures to relax the terms of payment of IS and CVAE deposits and thus help businesses in the recovery gradual activity for those with 2 e deposit (normally equal to 25% of the SI N-1) is due June 15, it can be paid until 30 June

The Best Deposits

Deposits No. 2-4 due after June 2020 can be modulated, for 2 e advance, so that the sum of 1st and 2 e corresponds to at least 50% of the estimate IS the current year, with a margin of error of 30%; for the 3rd , so that the sum of the 1st , 2nd  and 3rd  corresponds at least to 75% of the amount of the forecast CIT for the current financial year, with a margin of error of 20% ; for the 4th, so that the sum of all the installments paid corresponds at least to the amount of the forecast CIT for the current financial year, with a margin of error of 10%. With taxfyle.com you can have the best tax filing.

The Payment Options

It is possible to exercise these relaxed modulation possibilities for all down payments 2 to 4 of all current and future years, but these relaxed conditions cease as of fiscal years starting after August 20, 2020. They concern down payments IS, including social contribution of 3.3%

  • In the event of under-modulation, the increase of 5% and late payment interest may be applied, at the time of the balance, to the difference between the expected (less the margin of error) and the paid.
  • The rules for the last installment of large companies (payment obligation of 95% or 98% of IS N) remain unchanged.

For companies that have postponed the payment of their March 2020 deposit, in addition to the possibilities of modulating future installments, when the March installment has been postponed, it must be paid by June 15, 2020; the June deposit is suspended; if the deposit in March 2020 corresponded to a 4th installment (ended between February 20 and May 19), the latter is suspended (deferral balance) and the 1st installment of the financial year following must be set in the rules of common law.

What is corporation tax? 

Corporate tax, also known as income tax, refers to the tax owed by businesses each year. Profit tax is calculated on the basis of the profits made by a company during a given financial year. Companies such as limited liability companies (SARL), public limited companies (SA) or even SAS are compulsorily subject to income tax. Income tax is the equivalent of personal income tax for businesses.